Rachel Masters is the kindest person you'll know. She gives her clothes to charity, volunteers at the homeless place giving out free soup and anything else you could think of. She's loved by everyone and has never had any problems with her life.

Until one day.....

It's just another lovely day at the beach when disasters strikes. Rachel's younger brother falls deep into the water and starts drowning. Rachel jumps in to save him but she can't save herself.
The water pulls her under and she changes into something that was to believed to not exist.

A mermaid.

*COVER MADE BY: 可愛い��*


2. Friend to Boyfriend

I was rushing past everyone and everything that was in my way. The reason? I was late to see the Swordfish Fighting match with my best friend, Crest. The first merman I met here in Aquania.

I hurried passed every fish and merperson until I came to the town square where Crest was waiting.


"Sapphira, there you are!" Crest stated, swimming over to me.


"Sorry Crest, I had to finish a few more things in the palace before I could leave," I replied, slowing down.


"Well we'd better hurry if we want to watch to Swordfish Fighting in the arena."


"Okay, okay! Calm your seahorses! Let's get there then."


Crest chuckled and smiled at me.


"You've become much more aggressive since you first arrived here in Aquania," Crest said.


"That's because you've got to learn to be aggressive to get things here," I retaliated.


"Whatever, let's just go."


Crest swam off towards the arena and I followed close behind.


"Race you there!" I announced and swam off an fast as I could.


"Hey! You got a head start!" I heard Crest call from behind.


I laughed and swam as fast as my tail would go. I dodged through merfolk and other fish to reach the arena. Eventually, I heard the beating of a speeding tail swim next to me. I looked to my right and saw Crest swimming level with me. I looked at his left forearm that was straightened out in front of him and saw his tattoo of a blacknose shark glow white.


"Later," Crest smiled.


He then zoomed ahead of me with so much speed, I got pushed back a bit by the amount of force.




I swam after Crest with all my might and saw him leaving a trail of bubbles behind him as he sped along.


"CATCH ME IF YOU CAN SAPPH!" he yelled, turning a corner.


I pushed harder with my tail and went after him, turning left. The corner he turned as well.As I hurried on, I started seeing the arena loom over me. I was close but I'm pretty sure that Crest is already there thanks to his speed power.

Every merperson has a power and they're all born with a tattoo that tells them what it is. It doesn't have to be a sea creature either. I have a ghost tattoo on the back of my neck with means I can turn invisible and go through walls. Well...not my whole body, just one part at a time the I have to bring it back in. It's good when I want to check outside a room because I can just poke my head through the wall and look around before returning back into the room my body is in. It's come in handy so many times when I want to sneak out of my house with my friend, Pearl.

When I finally arrived at the arena, I see Crest leaning against a wall and smirking at me all smug like. I shake my head and swim over to him.


"What took you so long Sapph?" Crest teased.


"Well you're the one who used their powers so you can answer your own question," I sassed.


"Damn girl! No need to get cocky," Crest stated.


"Well don't blame me for you speeding ahead with you speed powers of a blacknose shark. It's the fastest shark in the entire ocean and your just lucky you got the tattoo for it!"


"Hey, hey calm down. Take a chill pill okay? We're here now so let's just enjoy ourselves," Crest rubbed my back.


"Yeah...sorry I'm being aggressive, I didn't get much sleep last night," I rubbed my temple.


"You stayed up till late hours thinking about the human world weren't you?"




"Sapphira, how many times have I told you?!" Crest hissed in a whisper. "Forget about it, it's not important!"


"But what if it is?! Huh? What if I came from the surface and got turned into a mermaid? What are you going to say then?" I replied with the same amount of anger.


"Then I would saw that I would go to the Sea Witch and ask her to change us both to humans so we can still be together," Crest smiled.


I looked ta him in amazement.


"You would do that for me?"


"Anything for my best friend."


I smiled at Crest. He has (and always will be) my greatest friend in the entire world. No question asked.


"No come on, let's get tickets for the fight shall we?" Crest suggested.


"I thought you would never ask," I giggled.


Crest put an arm around my waist and pulled me with him to the ticket booth.


"Two tickets for the Swordfish battle please," Crest asked the ticket handler.


"That'll be ten sand pebbles," the ticket handler replied, adding the amount.


I went to grab my purse but Crest had beaten me to the payment.


"Thank you sir, have a whale of a time," the ticket handler said and gave us the tickets.


"We will," I smiled.


Crest and I swam gently through the doors of the arena and found some seats near the middle. I sat down with Crest next to me and faced him.


"Why didn't you let me pay?" I questioned.


"Because, it's not right for a girl to pay on a date," Crest gasped and quickly shut his mouth like he wasn't supposed to say that.


"Wait, what?" I looked at him with a puzzled expression.


"Umm...err...oh look! The battle's starting!" Crest said nervously and ignored my statement.


"Don't ignore me Crest, what did you mean by 'it's not right for the girl to pay on a date'?"


"Can we please talk about this later? This battle's beginning!" Crest whined.


"Fine...But I can promise you that I won't forget this."


Crest just chuckled and began cheering with the rest of the crowd as the Swordfish Fighting started.




"That was awesome!" I exclaimed as we left the arena.


"You don't have to tell me twice," Crest smiled.


Crest and I walked into a nearby café called 'Nourriture Pour Les Poissons'. Which was French for 'Food For Fish' in the human world. Crest and I took a seat at a booth by the window and just started talking about random stuff when the fishtress swam up to take our order.


"I'll take a seaweed wrap," Crest said.


"And I'll take a sea-berry muffin," I smiled.


The fishtress wrote this down on her notepad and hurried back behind the counter into the kitchens.


"So what did you mean back there?" I asked towards Crest.


"What are you referring to?" he replied like he didn't know.


"Where you said the girl shouldn't pay on a date."


Crest's face lost a bit of colour.


"No reason."


"Crest please tell me, I won't get made or anything just tell me."


I looked at him with bubble eyes (puppy dog eyes) and pouted my lip.


"Why does that always have an effect on me..." Crest chuckled and looked me in the eyes.


"Probably because I'm so good at it," I grinned.


"That's might just be the reason."


Then the fishtress came back with our order and went to serve another customer.


"So can you please tell me what you meant?" I pleaded as I took a bite out of my muffin.


"Well, I was just thinking that this could maybe go as a date instead of us just hanging out," Crest explained.


"Why would you think that?"


"Sapphira, we've known each other for almost five years know and I know pretty much everything about you so I was wondering..."


Crest moved from his seat so his was sitting right next to me and put an arm around my shoulders.


"If you would be my girlfriend?"


I looked at him with wide eyes.


"Are you serious?!" I stated.


"I've never been this serious in my entire life."


I was speechless. How could I reply to this?


"I knew this was to good to be true..." Crest had a sad look on his face and he turned away.


"No, no Crest. Don't be sad," I said sweetly. "You didn't let me answer."


He looked at me with hopeful eyes.


"Yes. Yes I will be your girlfriend."


Crest beamed at me then engulfed me into a HUGE hug. I squealed a bit and hugged him back. We broke after a few moments and stared into each others eyes. My teal ones into his brown ones. It was a perfect moment.

Crest started to lean in closer towards my face and he was only inches from my lips. I closed the gap between us and smashed my lips onto his. They were warm, soft and sweet. Crest kissed back immediately as my arms snaked around his neck and he lifted me off the seat for a bit. Our mouths moved in perfect sync and everything was just...perfect. Until some rude merboys wolf whistled from the other end of the café and we broke apart. I just rolled my eyes at them and pecked Crest on the lips.


"How was that for a first kiss?" he asked.


"Just as I imagined it," I smiled.


My arms were still around his neck and we rested our heads against each other and stared into our eyes.


"Wanna take this back to my place?" Crest asked.


"Sure, why not."


Crest grinned and placed the money on the table along with a tip and we rushed out of the café. We swam along the streets, passing merpeople along the way.


"Wanna know what it's like when I got super fast?" Crest suggested.


I nodded eagerly. Crest pulled my tightly into his toned, six packed chest and I felt like I could melt in his arms right there and then. His chest was so warm and I wanted to kiss it all over. Gosh I sound like a creep.

Crest's body heated up more for a few seconds before I caught a glimpse of a white light of his forearm. In a matter of moments, we were speeding off towards his place. The speed we were going was phenomenal. The water rushed passed my ears and everything was a blur. The only thing that wasn't a blur was Crest. He was so focused on where we were going the he got startled when I kissed him on the cheek.


"You perfect you know that?" I stated.


"Not as amazing as you," Crest beamed at me and went faster.


We arrived at his house in no time at all. He opened the door and as soon as he closed it behind us, he pushed me against the door and kissed me furiously but still in a gentle way. I replied the kiss as well and smiled. I heard Crest moan at the back of his throat and I giggled. It was so cute!

We were still sucking each others faces off when we got to the living room. We tripped (if that's even possible in the water) over the couch and landed on the cushions. I squealed a bit before going back and kissing Crest. His hands moved along the sides of my body all the way down to my scales. His hands were firm and his grip was tight like this was the last time he would every touch me. He released one of his hands from my waist and used it to pull out my hair from the elastic it was tied into. He moved him hand back to my skin where it met my scales and started kissing my neck. I moaned loudly. He was so good at this and I loved it. A few times he would suck a spot on my neck which caused me to moan louder the he would bow on it. I knew I would have a hickey there now. Eventually, Crest reached a certain spot on my neck and that's when I moaned the loudest. Crest chuckled.


"Let's go up to the bedroom."


I nodded and without hesitation, he grabbed one of my arms and pulled me along his house to his bedroom which had a big bed waiting for us. He shut the door behind us and started kissing me. I kissed back (of course) and wrapped my arms around his neck. He pushed me onto the bed and lay on top of me, still covering me with kisses. I giggled at some of them. I was a very giggly mergirl and I couldn't help it sometimes.

Eventually Crest went to unclip my scale bra I had on but I pushed him off.


"What's wrong?" Crest asked.


"I'm just not ready to go that far yet Crest," I explained. "We've only just become a couple and we don't want to move to fast do we?"


"I suppose not," Crest kissed my forehead. "But I'll be ready whenever you are babe."


I smiled at him. Even for a guy who had just become my boyfriend, he was already the best one I could have dreamed of.


"Thank you," I said.


"What for?" Crest questioned.


"For being the best and kindest merboy I have ever met and ever will meet."


"Well, thank you for being the sexiest, most enchanting mergirl I have ever laid my eyes on."


I beamed at Crest, showing off my white teeth and kissing him on the lips which he gladly kissed back. This time, his tongue moved along my bottom lip and asked for entrance. I declined just to tease him.


"You are so mean!" Crest mocked in a girly voice.


"Oh you love it!" I exclaimed.


"Yes I actually do."


Crest kissed me again but only for about two minutes until we broke apart.


"You're amazing you know right?" Crest smiled.


"So are you," I replied.


"Wanna go to the park?"


"Sure, why not."


"Alrighty then."


Crest got up and pulled me off the bed. We swam out of the house and to the park that was nearby.


"Race you to the swings," I said and swam off.


"You know I'll beat you!" Crest called.


"At least I'm trying to beat you!"


I saw Crest swim after me and I had only just made it to the swings before him.


"YES! I FINALLY BET YOU!" I shouted.


"Do I still get a kiss?" Crest pouted.


"Of course you do," I smiled and l planted a quick kiss on his lips before pulling away.


"Wanna play hide and seek?" I suggested.


"Okay..." Crest said slowly. "What's the catch?"


"The catch is that you're seeking and I'm hiding," I smiled mischievously.


That's when I felt a small tickeling sensation on the back of my neck before I turned comeletely invisible. I chuckled slightly and began to carefully swim away.


"Come and find me Crest!" I exclaimed.


"Hey no fair, you're invisible!"


"More of a challenge for you to me them huh?"


I saw Crest chuckle as he began to look for me, even though it was hopeless.


"Come out, come out wherever you are Sapphira..." Crest chanted.


I giggled as I watched him from my hiding place. It was just behind some bushes but then again, I was invisible so I was tricky for Crest to find me.




After about fifteen to twenty minutes of me hiding and Crest looking, Crest announced that he gave up.


"I'm right here you codfish!" I stated, turning visible and coming out from behind the bushes.


Crest turned around and smiled when he saw me.


"You should never be aloud to play this game," he said.


"And why's that?"


"Because you're too good at it," Crest came over and wrapped his arms round me.


"Well I can't help it if I was given the powers of invisibility," I mocked.


"But you could start by giving me at least a chance to find you."


"But that ruins all the fun!"


"Girl please, how do you think I fell when I beat you in a swimming race and you complain to me that it wasn't fair?" Crest raises and eyebrow.


"Okay fine, I guess we're even," I replied, giving in.


"Why wouldn't we be?" Crest questions and kisses me.


Of course I kiss him back because that's how much he means to me. I would trade my tail for legs just to be with Crest, and that's saying something.




Later, when we arrived back at Crest's house, I got a bubble message from Pearl. Bubble messages are just bubbles that you send messages in to whoever you want to send it to. When it arrives, you just pop it and the bubble goes into a rectangle shape and that's where the message appears. To resend a message, you just think of what you want to send and blow onto the message when it's done. It's the latest mermaid communication invention merpeople have come up with.

I popped the bubble and the message read,


Hey Sapph! It's Pearl. Just wanted to let you know that Oliver has asked me to stay at his place for the night. So, do whatever you want and I'll be back as soon as I can tomorrow. Love ya! Bubble You Later! (BYL)


I smiled slightly at her message. She was always with Oliver and sometimes they did spend the night a his place but that as fine with me. I tapped on the bubble twice and it created a new bubble for me to send.


Hiya Pearl! It's no problem at all that you're going to Oliver's. I'm just hanging with Crest right now and take as much time as you need to get back tomorrow but just FYI, there is some really important news I have to tell you so get back when you can! BYL! XXX


When I was happy with the message, I blew on t and it floated away to wherever Pearl was.


"Who was that?" Crest asked.


"Just Pearl telling me that she was staying at Oliver's tonight," I explained.


"Well do you want to stay at my place tonight?"


"Yes please."


"Then my place it is, wanna watch a USD?"


USD stands for Underwater Screening Disk. It's something we watch films on.


"Which one?" I asked.


"How about 'Blackwater Cove'?" Crest suggested. "I heard it's quite scary."


"No way, you know how I hate scary stuff!"


"Well if you ever get scared just cuddle up to me."


"So that's why you wanna watch 'Blackwater Cove'? Just for me to cuddle up to you?" I crossed my arms.


"Pretty much," Crest smirked.


"Fine, let's do it then."


Crest did this little happy dance and got the USD out and put 'Blackwater Cove' in. It's supposed to be this really scary film of this underwater cave that this terrifying beast lives in and eats merpeople. It's cliché but damn is it scary!

As Crest put the movie on, I huddled up to him instantly.


"Whoa, some mermaid's desperate for some lovin'," Crest teased.


"Oh shut up," I remarked.


Crest just chuckled and started watching the movie.

The first quarter of the film wasn't so bad but when the beast is shown and starts eating merpeople, I was cuddling Crest for dear life.


"Calm down Sapphira, it's only a movie," he said soothingly.


"A scary movie," I retaliated.


"Hey, look at me."


Crest lifted my chin with two fingers and looked me straight into the eyes.


"I will never let anything hurt you," he smiled and kissed me.


I kissed back and snaked my arms around his neck like before. This time, when Crest licked my bottom lip, I gladly accepted. Our tongues fought each other for dominance but he won in the end. We kept kissing and it turned out into another heated make out session. The movie, forgotten.

I lay on top of Crest and kissed him tenderly. I then moved my lips onto his neck and sucked on his soft spot. He moaned loudly and I smiled. I then blew onto the spot where I sucked his neck and felt his hands move along my back. His hands reached my bra strap and unclipped it. I gasped and quickly turned myself invisible. Crest's hands we're firmly on my back so I could swim free. I saw a concerned look on his face.


"Baby, what's wrong?" Crest asked.


"I don't want you to see them," I replied.




"Because they're too small."


Crest just smiled at me and put me into a kneeling position on his tail. Damn he was strong! His hands were still tight around my waist as he scanned the area for where my face usually would be (since I was invisible) and said in a gently but demanding voice.


"Let me see you."


I hesitated before showing only my face and my stomach. Not my breasts.


"I guess that'll do, I won't push you to go any further," Crest said.


"Thank you Crest," I smiled slightly.


"Anything for you sweetheart," Crest went back to kissing my neck and I moved my hair out of the way.


I moaned and Crest smiled against my skin. I was to captivated in the moment as Crest kissed me to notice that my invisibility had worn off by itself. Crest had stopped kissing me and looked down. I gasped and tried to hide myself but Crest out his hand on my tattoo which prevented me from disappearing. You can do that to all merpeople. Just touch their tattoo with your hand and they can't use their powers. Pathetic I know but that's how it happens.


"Please let me hide," I begged Crest.


"Can I just see them once?" Crest questioned.


I nodded slowly and hesitantly. Crest looked down and I saw him smiling.


"I know, they're to small and pathetic," I complained.


"Don't be so negative Sapph, they're beautiful. Just like the rest of you," Crest looked me in the eyes and smashed his lips onto mine.


I smiled into the kiss and tugged onto Crest's hair which made him moan at the back of his throat. I loved that sound. He rubbed his hands all over my back and kissed me passionately and lovingly. I ran my fingers all through his hair and pulled it whenever I could. Crest laid me down and kept kissing me.


"This may be to soon Sapph," Crest said between kisses. "But I think I love you."


I stopped and looked him in the eyes before grinning.


"It's never to soon to say to someone you love them and Crest? I love you to the moon and back," I said.


He beamed and continued to kiss me tenderly. After a while, we stopped and he handed me back my bra and clipped it up for me. I turned and gave his a peck on the lips.


"I'm glad to call you my boyfriend Crest."


"And I'm glad to call you my girlfriend Sapphira," Crest kissed me on the cheek and lay next to me on the couch.


They movie had ended and Crest had turned it off. It was dark out in the water and I was tired. I fell asleep in Crest's arms that night and I've never had such a brilliant sleep in my entire life.



Hello my readers. I hoped you liked this first chapter and it was my first time writing a...very heated chapter. Please like, comment and favourite this movella and I'll update soon.


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