To Live While You're Dying

A short story about Ava a fourteen year old girl who finds out she has cancer. Finding out how much time she has left. She chooses to withdraw herself, away from her family and friends. There's a boy Will, will he be able to open up Ava.


2. To Live While You're Dying

I  lay on the hospital bed, my eyes roaming over the ceilings. I turn her head to see the window, the sun shining brightly at her. My fingers fumble over the button, and watches a nurse running in. The nurse looks at me in panic, expecting me to already be dead. Not yet. Soon. I thought.

"Close the curtains." I commands.

"But, the doctor said that you needed sunlight and fresh air." the nurse says fumbling with her words.

"I said close the curtains." I repeats.

The nurse walks slowly, and closes the curtains, taking all the sunlight with it. The nurse walks away quietly, not wanting to talk to me any longer. Good. I didn't want to talk to her any longer as well. A month they told me, a month was all I had left before cancer would kill me. It wasn't like it had already had sucked all the life out of me. I was just skin and bones now, awaiting for my death. Fourteen. I was only fourteen years old. I was so young. Teenagers was supposed to be so happy and full of life, playing and enjoying the sun. Boys, school and shopping should have been my only concern in life. But then again, with Cancer haunting my every move, there wasn't much my frail body could do. I kept to myself, locked myself away from everyone else. I shut my friends, my family, everyone away from me. There was no point of letting them stick with me, because when cancer won, it would take only me. I didn't want to hurt anyone else, by letting them take care of me. Acute lymphoblastic leukemia was what I had. That meant I had cancer of my blood and bone marrow. It meant  that my bone marrow made immature blood stem cells that become mature blood cells over time. I always wondered why me? why had cancer infected me? wasn't I strong enough to battle it? I try and move my arm, and then groan in frustration. Bone pain, a sign that I had cancer. 


I watch the same nurse come in again, she walks in, her eyes never letting go of me. She was very pretty, blonde long hair, tucked in a high bun, high cheekbones, dark blue eyes. I would never get to be as old as her. I see that the nurse carries a bowl. She places the bowl on the table beside me.

"You have to eat your food, Dr.Thomas told me to make sure you eat your food." the nurse tells me.

"I don't want food, so take it back." I answer back, rage filling me.

I didn't need anybody pity. Food would just make me stronger enough for a month, it wouldn't defeat cancer. Why should I eat? I don't even feel hungry any more.

"But." the nurse begins to say.

I throw the bowl of steaming hot noodles onto the floor, and watch the bowl crack into pieces. The nurse gasps, curses and runs off, fear grasping onto her. She's afraid of me. Good. I thought.

"You shouldn't have done that." a voice tells me.

I turn to see a boy about fifteen standing in the doorway, with a lean muscular structure, and dark black hair. Beautiful brown eyes stare at me. Everything would seem normal, except for the way he walks wobbling towards me, and the way his fingers shake.

"Who are you? get out of here." I shout.

"I'm Arthur, and no. I didn't like the way you spoke to the nurse before, she was only trying to help." Arthur tells me.

"Well, I don't need anybody help or pity." I snap back.

"She cares for you, your family and friends care for you." Arthur tells me.

"The doctors and nurses don't really care, they only care about the money my father tosses at them, and my family and friends. They should stop caring for me." I reply.

"They care for you, they want you to get better." Arthur says.

"I won't get better!" I shout angrily, tears trickling down your cheek.

"Maybe you will or maybe you won't. What's the point in thinking about the future, think about now Ava." Arthur tells me.

"How did you know my name?" I ask curiously, how did this boy know my name.

"That doesn't matter Ava. Just remember this, live while you're dying." Arthur tells me, shaking uncontrollably.

"What does that mean?" I question.

"You might die Ava. I won't lie to you. But, even if you do. You have to live. Don't shut yourself out." Arthur answers.

"But." I interrupt.

"Shush. Ava you have to live. You have to be strong and brave. Life only comes once, don't let it go." Arthur tells me, holding my hand.

I feel sparks and fizzles as his hand touches mine. Who is he? Arthur he had told me, but why was he talking to me? all the questions came up in my head.

"Don't let life go Ava." Arthur tells me, as he begins coughing.

I watch Arthur let go of my hand, as he grasps his hands against the table. I watch him hack, and cough violently, blood spurting from his mouth. Fear grips me tight. 

"What's going on Arthur?" I ask, feeling very scared.

I press my button repeatedly, but no nurses come in.

"I'm dying." Arthur says, trembling before collapsing on the floor, by now blood pouring from his mouth. His eyes stare at mine, while he forces a smile.

"Help!" I scream in fear, and watch his eyes close, a smile plastered on his face.

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