Let me out!

Poem about being caught in someone else's life that costs you a lot of pain.
(I would love some feedback!)

Engelsk digt om at være fanget i en andens liv, der påfører én en masse smerte.
(Jeg vil blive rigtig glad for noget feedback!)


1. Let me out!

I'm sick and tired of crying.

I can do nothing but keep lying

in this endless storm of feelings.

My heart is full of dealings.


I cannot take it anymore!

To freedom I must find the door

so that I can let my pain go:

Make my happiness flower grow.


But you keep holding me here.

Can't you my desperat scream hear?

Or maybe you just don't care at all

but pain is the same, big or small.


I want to break out of your jails.

But for now my mission only fails.

Please give me the freedom key!

Together we happy could be.


But only if you wish it, too.

It's simple; not a complex clue.

Let me out and I will show

how we can make the world glow.

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