That Beautiful Summer {Book 2}

Skye and Niall continue their love for each other and its been 3 years since they have been together. Niall I hesitant to ask Skye something because he is afraid of what she might think. Will they still be Skyall or just American girl, Skye and Irish boy, Niall.


1. My Rhythm Blues

Singing through the days

When I first loved you

There was nothing else that I could do

You were like a shooting star across the night sky

When I am sitting on the beach

When I see you fly by, I sing my rhythm blues.. just for you

There is nothing else I would want to do

unless if I would be coming home to you

Love, Niallxxx Horan


I figured I could write her a love poem to her. I am stuck on tour and I get sick before every show, because she is not there. I feel stuck and lost in my thoughts during the concert, just thinking about her. I am lost without Skye, and I want her to be with me. The boys are worried about me, and they think its time that I go to her. I want to surprise her more than ever.


I am trying to figure out how I can do that but without ruining the tour. Love and careers are so hard, but which one do I want more. God, this what I hate, making decisions between things. ITS LIKE MY I just eat whatever is available.



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