Angel On Your Shoulder

Dean is in a bit of a state with Sam in the cage, but there's one person who'll always be there, who'll always help him out


1. Fallen in

Dean stood alone. He was lost. No idea what to do next. Sam was in hell with Adam, Michael and Lucifer and he had no idea where Cas was. He needed help. Badly. A thought then popped into his head. Of course! How did he not think about the one person he had left? The only person who could and would help him! He then began speaking, seemingly to thin air “Castiel. Help me!” he said, gradually getting louder “I have no Sam, no Adam, no anyone. Just you! Please Cas. Can you not do anything? Something?” He looked around hopefully. Nothing. He sat down and put his head in his hands. He couldn’t cope. He then heard a voice. 
“Hello Dean” he heard the recognizable deep voice say “You are showing strong faith”
“Cas!” Dean said, turning around quickly, a smile starting to come onto his face. He saw the person he had waited for. Castiel! He filled with relief. At least there was someone. A person who’d be there for him no matter what. He ran over to Cas and gave him a hug. Castiel stayed still for a moment before stepping away “Cas. Can you help me? Please? I have no-one. I need some help. You have to tell me a way to get Sam out of the cage without setting Lucifer free. There has to be a way!” Dean said hopefully.
“It isn’t possible, Dean” Castiel replied regrettably. He frowned and looked so sorry for Dean. He then continued in a sad tone “I wish I could do something to help you but I just can’t. I managed to pull you out of the pit but the cage is much harder”. Dean sighed and ran his hands through his hair. His eyes filled with tears, threatening to spill but he daren’t break down. He wouldn’t look weak. He sat back down and shook his head a little as one tear fell from his right eye. His heart was broken, with Sam gone. Was this how Sam had felt when Dean was in hell? Castiel sat beside Dean and placed his hand comfortingly on his shoulder. He attempted to be as friendly and comforting as he could “I’m sorry, Dean. I understand what it’s like to lose a loved one”
“No!” Dean shouted, knocking Castiel’s hand off his shoulder in anger “You don’t! And you know why you don’t understand? Because you couldn’t care less about your siblings! Heck, you killed some of them yourself. I have spent my life trying to protect Sammy and now your brothers have taken him away from me! They took the one bit of family I have left! At least you don’t lose the only siblings you have, for you there’s plenty to fall back on”
“Don’t you bring my siblings into this!” Castiel retorted “They’re irrelevant, they have…”
“Let me guess ‘They have nothing to do with this’ but guess what? They have everything to do with this! They’re the reason this happened in the first place! Or maybe you didn’t notice what they have caused me and Sammy! What my life has become because of them!” Dean then sighed and realised what he’d just said. He hadn’t meant to say all that. It was just the fact that he was angry and sad. “I’m sorry Cas; I’m just a bit broken up”
“Don’t worry” Castiel replied “It is not your fault. It is only human to be upset and angry after such an event as that” He placed his hand back on Dean’s shoulder. Dean felt immediately more relaxed “Just call for me if you need help”. Dean then looked as Castiel disappeared from sight. He was alone again. Back to it being just him. He knew where he had to go. Where Sammy had asked him to go. To Lisa.

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