The Vampire Diaries- Song Shots

Request Songs and ships. I'll probably do Klaroline, Carenzo, Mabekah, Delena....
So just comment a song and ship and I'll be right on it. :)


1. What The Hell-Klaroline

What The Hell by Avril Lavigne- Klaroline.

You say that I'm messing with your head

Klaus stared in bewilderment at the blonde before him. Here in New Orleans he was king so no one ever boldly stood before him with a bored expression on their face when he called upon them. He had seen her walk in the bar all alone and Klaus wanted to get to know the beautiful blonde. So he ordered the waitress to deliver a cocktail to her and he waited for her to fall at his feet. But it had the opposite effect. When the beauty received the drink she looked up and met his eye before shoving the cocktail to the ground, letting it shatter, without breaking eye contact. Then she had briskly marched, the best a woman could briskly march with 5" heels, up to the Original Hybrid and looked him up and down before muttering something that sounded like "You'll do, I guess," then grabbed his hand and dragged him out the bar. Somewhere during the lust filled night, Klaus caught her name. Caroline.

All cause I was making out with your friend

The next time Klaus saw Caroline was when her tongue was three foot deep down Marcel's throat. He had realised quite a while ago that she had her emotions off but seriously? Couldn't the lady show some restraint. But then again to show restraint that would mean you had to care enough to show restraint something Caroline showed no intention of doing. Just before Klaus launched himself at the pair, he stopped himself. Why did he care that she was sucking on someone else's face? It's not as if she was Klaus' girlfriend. Plus, she's probably been with a lot of guys before himself. Ok, that last thought almost threw the Original Hybrid into another fit of rage but he calmed himself down and walked out the bar without a backwards glance. Ok maybe one glance.

Love hurts whether it's right or wrong.

Klaus wasn't in love. I mean, he was the Original Hybrid. He doesn't love. Caroline was just fascinating. Strong, beautiful, stubborn...but he wasn't in love. He just lusts for her. Yeah, he would find her and get another night full of sex. Because Klaus did not love. But he was not going to tell his brother. Elijah would jump at the chance of Klaus starting a family as though he momentarily forgot that Klaus couldn't actually start a family. Jesus that man needed a hobby, or a girl. Klaus mentally noted to find a new lady for his brother. Maybe a bookworm?

I can't stop because I'm having too much fun.

It didn't take long after Klaus had stepped into the bar (was he entering here frequently now?) and saw Caroline that he realised something. He was nervous. If anyone asked him, he would deny it. What? Of course not! He's the Original Hybrid! Nervous to go speak to a baby vampire? That's preposterous. But Klaus was and he saw her sitting on a tall stool downing a shot. Wiping his hands on his black skinny jeans (since when did he start wearing skinny jeans?) and walked over to her, attempting to look like his insides were totally not churning at the thought of talking to this beauty again. But when she turned to look at him, he could have sworn he saw a flicker of happiness flash across her beautiful ace before it returned to its usual look of boredom which Klaus was pretty sure Caroline would always look like even if aliens abducted her. But just as Klaus slid into the stool next to her, Caroline jumped up (as best she could as she was wearing a tight, red minidress that clung to her curves) and walked away, out the bar. But Klaus saw her smirk though it was masked quickly. She was toying with him. But Klaus couldn't help but follow her games just as he followed her out the building that stunk of alcohol and into the dark night.

Should I continue or is this bad? :/

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