As far and Willow Abernathy was concerned, she was never supposed to meet Andrew Ridgeway. They were too different, too caught up in their own feelings and wishes that they could never love each other. If Willow could take back anything it'd be that day in class where he sat next to her. Little did she know it was that day that would change her life forever.

Andrew Ridgeway isn't really the type to stay and love a girl. He's more of a screw and leave kinda guy. But then he meets Willow. She's completely average, nothing special. Then what's about her that sets him on edge?


4. Chapter 4

Andrew's POV

I poke Willow in the back and she whips around. I pin her with my elbows against her locker. Her angry blue eyes bore into my skull. "If only looks could kill." I chuckle. She balls up a fist. "What do you want?" I let her free but she holds her ground, crossing her arms. I felt my face heat up. "Willow, will you go on a date with me?" She widens her eyes then grins. "Nice joke. Hell no." Ouch, that hurt. She pushes me aside and sashays down the hall. I run after her, stopping her again. "Willow, I'm serious." Her face looks like paper. "Seriously?" I nod. She bites her lip. "Sorry Andrew. I didn't.....I didn't know......I'm sorry. I don't want to go out with you." I stop her again. "Willow, please. One date. At the park, 4:00, this Saturday? I'll pick you up." She thinks about it for a little then sighs. "Fine. But just one date, you hear me? Whoa, let's not even call it that." I nod and she awkwardly shakes my hand. "Here's my number." I take her phone and punch it in before handing her mine. She types it in wearily. "Text you later?" I call after her. She gives me a small smile before walking down the hall. What was wrong with me? I never chase girls. They always chase me. Why did I give a damn about Willow? But I still find myself giddy that she agreed to a date.

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