As far and Willow Abernathy was concerned, she was never supposed to meet Andrew Ridgeway. They were too different, too caught up in their own feelings and wishes that they could never love each other. If Willow could take back anything it'd be that day in class where he sat next to her. Little did she know it was that day that would change her life forever.

Andrew Ridgeway isn't really the type to stay and love a girl. He's more of a screw and leave kinda guy. But then he meets Willow. She's completely average, nothing special. Then what's about her that sets him on edge?


3. Chapter 3

Willow's POV

The red mark I left on Andrew's cheek was gone by lunch, and I remember leaving something in my car. I edge behind the school to get it when I'm pinned against a wall. I struggle furiously, but he was too strong. I look into his face and growl. Andrew. He smirked. I suggest you don't tell anyone about this. And he leaned in and planted a kiss against my lips. I try to fight it but he had me pinned. So I kiss him back. When he realizes I've given in, he kiss back more powerfully. I slip my hands into his hair and he hoists me up. I lock my legs around his waist and kiss him with the same intensity. He kisses my neck, briefly biting it making me sigh. Then realizing what I was doing, I push him away and he drops me onto the dewy grass. I force tears out of my eyes and stomp away. I hated Andrew Ridgeway, and I was going to get revenge. He stole my first kiss and he was going to pay.

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