As far and Willow Abernathy was concerned, she was never supposed to meet Andrew Ridgeway. They were too different, too caught up in their own feelings and wishes that they could never love each other. If Willow could take back anything it'd be that day in class where he sat next to her. Little did she know it was that day that would change her life forever.

Andrew Ridgeway isn't really the type to stay and love a girl. He's more of a screw and leave kinda guy. But then he meets Willow. She's completely average, nothing special. Then what's about her that sets him on edge?


2. Chapter 2

Andrew's POV

I watch Willow basically trip over both of her feet as she tries to get away from me, out the door. I smile and shake my head. Willow was pretty......feisty. But strangely, I didn't try to manifest ways to get into her pants like I usually do. Did I actually like Willow? No. But I'd get her to date me. She's the only girl that doesn't look at me like I'm god. She hates my guts. I don't exactly have the best reputation from girls, and it doesn't help that I slept with her best friend. Sally? Stephanie? I can't remember her name. But I knew that I better learn it soon because that girl was going to feed Willow bad information about me, if she hasn't already. I pull up my stuff and walk out of my classroom. As I walk down the hall, everyone parted out of the way and got replaced with my usual football entourage, Kyle and Rector, and their girlfriends, Lillian and Christie. Then two girls that follow me everywhere, Brooke and Jackie. Boys stared at me enviously and girls stared at me with longing. Then I see Willow completely oblivious to me, flirting with.......Brent. We were friends for a while, then he completely dropped me. I tried to show off my popularity as much as possible, but he seemed annoyingly oblivious. Willow moves closer to him, brushing his dark brown hair out of his eyes. He smiles at her and she laughs. I steer right to her and before I knew it, I had one hand on her waist from behind. She freezes and whips around. Brent's jaw was clenched tight, his ice blue eyes like stone. She yanks my hand off her waist and pulls back her hand, whipping it across my face. I poke my tongue inside my cheek. Damn, that stung. I look back at her and slam my fist hard right next to her head against the locker. I don't feel any pain and I see a dent behind her head. Her face was pale and her green eyes were bright and wide. I see her chest rise and fall fast. Back off. Brent snaps, moving in front of her. I flick him off and walk back with my entrouage, ignoring all the crap they were exclaiming about. Getting Willow is going to be much harder than I thought.

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