4. Twisted

When I got out of the shower I was surprised when I saw Niall sitting on my bed he wasted no time coming over to me and kissing me he pushed his hands on my thighs and I jumped up wrapping my legs around his waist he pressed me up against the wall and ground his hips into mine I still hadn't changed and my towel was falling apart it just fell onto the floor and I reached down and unbuttoned his jeans he groaned leading me to my bed I straddled his waist and he watched as I pulled his shirt over his head he pushed down his jeans and his member was held down tightly by his Calvin Klein boxers I took them off and he reached into his jeans and grabbed a golden packet from his jeans he ripped it open with his teeth and rolled it on he lined himself up at my entrance he pushed in and I moaned dragging my nails up his back he thrusted slowly I moaned biting my lip he thrusted deeply and I moaned loudly he put his hand over my mouth I gripped the sheets on my bed to hold in my moans he kissed me neck and I gripped his back he grunted and kept pushing I was close to the edge and I bit my lip I clenched around him and let go he thrusted a few more times before he came he pulled out and discarded the condom he came back to me laying me in the middle of the bed and wrapping his arms around me and kissing me I set my alarm and Niall continued to snore in the crook of my neck I fell asleep and the next morning when the alarm blared next to us we shot up he got up kissing me and sneaking back out to go home and shower I got ready pulling black skinny jeans and a Lynard Skynard shirt and doing my make up I brushed my teeth and kissed my parents goodbye I drove to school and got to class kinda late Fitz looked up to me full of surprise

"Take a seat miss Benson"he said still not over the fact I was late Niall was in the back smirking at me Arielle smiled at me lifting a perfectly plucked eyebrow I smiled at her and shrugged we went on with the lesson and after school Finn was waiting at my locker I slowly made my way through the deserted hallway he looked up as I approached he stuffed his hands in his pants

"Hey"he said awkwardly I didn't wanna fight anymore

"Hey"I answered twisting the knob on my locker to open it

"I'm really sorry about what happened at the party and everything really,I just wanna have you back in my life"he said quietly

"Finn,I couldn't even if I wanted to,I can't trust you anymore,I honestly thought we were happy. I guess I was wrong"I said he nodded his head sadly "I have to get home Finn"I said closing my locker door and I began to walk away but he grabbed my arm soft but firm I turned around

"If you really don't wanna be with me anymore can I have one last kiss?"he asked I looked around and back to his brown eyes before I could actually answer his lips were on mine moving in sync with each other I pulled away he pulled me into his chest hugging me "I'll miss you"he whispered kissing my cheek I backed up slowly and started walking to my surprise Niall was leaning against it his cheeks were red and his arms were crossed over his chest as his foot was against the car

"Hey"I said he didn't answer instead he ground his teeth together "what's wrong?"I asked touching his arm he shrugged me off "what did I do?"I asked completely clueless

"Why don't you go ask Finn?"he asked and than everything clicked together he saw Finn kissing me

"What did you see?"I asked curiously

"I saw enough"he said

"Are you jealous?"I asked

"Why should I be jealous?"he asked

"Niall you have to understand I'm done with him he asked me--"

"I asked you what you wanted and you agreed we wouldn't be in a relationship,that's what you wanted so don't try to give me explanations,I'm already tired of your excuses"he said I watched as he walked to his car and turned it on revving the engine and peeling off the parking lot driving off I got in my car and drove home I tried to do my homework but I couldn't focus an hour later I was standing on his front door step knocking the door was pulled open and a girl answered the door Niall sat behind her on the couch his eyes opened wider once he saw me but I was already going down the stairs I slammed the car door and drove home I went straight to my room and slammed the door behind me I locked my window and my bedroom door I closed the shades and curled up on the bed crying my eyes out I kept hearing tiny pebbles hitting my window I opened the shades and Niall was standing in the middle of my backyard I rolled my eyes and closed the shades again a few minutes later my mum started knocking

"Sweetie there's a boy here who wants to see you"she said

"No visitors"I groaned my voice hoarse and tired

"Are you sure love?"she asked

"Positive"I said I heard low murmurs and feet descending down the hall I put in some music and laid in bed for a while I was done feeling sorry for myself I got up and texted Arielle if there was any parties tonight she said a few and I told her to get ready cause we were going it wasn't that hard seeing as she was up for a party any day I got ready redoing my make up and putting on a little back dress I threw my high heels out the window and maneuvered my way down landing on the green soft grass I ran down the block and Arielle was already parked I got in and she smiled at me I smiled back and knew I would get wasted tonight we drove to house a couple miles out of town we parked the car after minutes of searching for a parking space and went inside we were met by Luke and his friends he encircled his arms around Arielle's waist and the boys hugged me we went to go get a drink and I immediately went to go get a drink which happened to be a bottle of vodka I grabbed it off the counter and took a swig the bitter alcohol burned my throat as it went down I eventually finished the whole bottle I tripped over my feet and fell into someone's arms I looked up and was met with familiar blue eyes I tried to get off of him but he held me tighter

"Come here"he said he led me to the backyard it was pretty much deserted "what the hell are you doing?"he asked furiously I didn't answer crossing my arms and turning away from him "so what now your gonna ignore me?"he asked I still didn't answer he grabbed my thighs and pushed me onto his shoulder I cried out in surprise he walked away from the party and put me in his car I felt super dizzy and tired I wanted to vomit and get out of the car at the same time but I couldn't Niall got in next to me and started his car he put the seatbelt on me and put on his own he started driving and we got wherever the hell he was taking me and picked me up carrying me up the stairs bridal style and opened his door and went to his bedroom he put me on the bed an took off my shoes and dress he put some sweats and a big shirt on me and I got up running to the bathroom puking all I had to drink and eat earlier today I felt a hand on my back rubbing my back as I vomited once I finished Niall picked me up and washed my mouth I spit it out in the sink and my eyes got heavier and heavier by the minute he carried me back to bed and put the covers over me the next morning I woke up with a huge headache and kinda sweating I looked around familiar surroundings filled my memory I got up quickly finding my dress and shoes and walked to the bedroom door Niall was just about to come in

"What are you doing?"he asked

"I need to go home Niall"I said coldly

"I'll give you a ride home"he offered

"No I can walk"I said pushing past him he grabbed my waist and pulled me towards him"let me go Horan"I said

"No let me change"he said picking me up and throwing me on the bed I landed with my face down on the pillow he smacked my ass and I turned glaring at him

"Your walking on thin ice Horan"I said he smiled his cheeks pink

"Lemme go change don't move"he said I sat up as he changed into some gym shorts and a muscle shirt he slipped on his shoes and came over to me holding his hand out I ignored him and got up pushing past him to his damn car he unlocked it so I could get into the car and I waited for him as he sauntered slowly to the car he got in and put the keys in the ignition but he didn't turn it on he just turned to face me I looked at him annoyed I just wanted to go home and go to sleep my head throbbed I looked around and found some sunglasses I put them on an grabbed my hair into a messy bun and Niall continued to stare at me and the car stayed immobile

"Can we go now?"I asked impatiently

"Rose will you please listen to me?"he asked

"There's nothing for us to talk about"I said facing the apartments

"I love you"he blurted I turned to look at him

"Niall I really don't have time to play right now ok?just take me home and leave me alone"I said he took a deep breath and put on the sunglasses the were on his shirt he finally changed the gears and started driving it was silent we finally pulled up a few houses from mine and Niall grabbed my wrist before I could get out

"Please just think about what I said,I've never felt this way about anyone"he said his face was pleading and serious his cheeks were flushed pink and his voice sounded congested I sighed pulling my arm from his grasp and went back inside my parents were working right now so I was in luck I looked out the window and Niall's car was still there turned on and he seemed deep in thought I sighed again and went to go shower I got out and put on a pair of leggings and a short playboy shirt and listened to music

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