1. Puppy love

"Rose!"I heard my best friend shout I turned around and her red hair was the first thing I saw

"Whoa"I said

"What?you don't like it?"she asked

"No I like it,it looks good on you"I said meaning it she was short and she had this really squeaky voice I loved her to death though

"So anyways off the subject of my hair,you wanna go out tonight?"she asked

"I can't I gotta study and my dad wants me home early"I said she pouted

"This blows plus Finn was gonna come"she said

"Finn is actually gonna study with me so good luck with that"I said

"Fine you caught me,you guys are like the worst couple ever"she mumbled

"Your just mad cause you and jack are on break"I said

"Were not on a break were done this time"she said

"That's what you said last time"I said

"Well this time in serious"she said gonna and jack made their way toward us she traced her tattoo on her wrist

"Whoa who's this?"Jack asked she turned around "oh hey babe"he said wrapping his arms around her waist Finn pecked my check and hugged me

"Hey Rose"he said

"Hey"I said

"Leave me alone"Arielle said to jack he took a deep breath

"Come on Arielle"he said putting his arms back around her waist

"No jack I told you it's over"she said

"For the last time we didn't do anything"he said Finn and I watched in horror as his twin brother tried to get Arielle back in the worst way

"Whatever I'm done with your bullshit"she said crossing her arms over her chest

"Please come on babe,let's go talk"he said she rubbed her temples

"Leave me alone jack"she said

"Not until you talk to me"he said she sighed

"Fine"she huffed his lips turned up into a smirk and they walked away jack tried touching her bum but she slapped his arm away I turned back to Finn

"That was...."he trailed off

"Yeah"I said he walked me to my first class English which Arielle was supposed to be there for but she apparently ditched with jack I rolled my eyes at the empty seat next to me and went back to my work she came in her red hair a mess and she attempted to fix it as she sat next to me

"Arielle what happened to you?"I whispered

"Nothing"she cleared her throat

"Miss Benson,miss Calvillo why do I hear talking?"the teacher asked

"Cause you have ears"Arielle said I pursed my lips wanting to laugh along with the rest of the class

"Detention girls"the teacher said I looked at Arielle annoyed she shrugged

"This blows"she murmured

"Girls quiet"Mr.Fitz said

"Someone's on their man period"Arielle mumbled

"Arielle"Fitz warned

"What?"she asked

"Why do I still hear talking?"he asked

"Cause our mouths are moving and usually words come out when that happens"she said as pulled out her phone

"Seriously Arielle?"he asked

"I guess"she said distracted by her phone

"Arielle I will call your father"he warned

"Ohhhh,what a scary thought"she said deadpan looking at her phone her phone rang and she texted back as she was about to push send Fitz grabbed her phone

"Hey!"she pouted

"You'll get it back after class"he said a blonde guy came in

"Ah,Mr.Horan how nice of you to join us"Fitz said

He just ignored Fitz and went to his seat

"People you need to learn how to come to class on time and keep your mouth closed"he said looking pointedly at Arielle

"Sorry I'm a compulsive bitch"Arielle said slumping in her seat everyone snickered quietly even the blonde haired kid

Finally the bell rang a few minutes later Arielle shot up from her desk jumping over a guy she almost fell and held out her hand for her phone he looked at her begrudgingly and reached into his desk

"You have to promise not to use this in class anymore"he said

"I swear it,on my unicorn"she said

"This isn't funny"he said trying to fight back a smile

"She actually does have a unicorn"I said

"Oh, and I have a magic fairy"he said

"It's a stuffed animal"I said

"Oh"he said as she practically peed her pants waiting for him to give her her phone he put it in her hand and she jumped I pushed my long blonde straight hair over my shoulder and threw my bag onto my shoulder we walked out and Finn and jack were outside jack attacked Arielle grabbing her waist while his brother pecked my cheek and hugged me he walked me to class kissing me and walking to his own class jack and Arielle were making out with each other in the hall

"Arielle Elena Cavrillo get to class!"I heard her dads voice in the hall she groaned and everyone laughed quietly she was dragged into the class and she rolled her eyes jack made a face at me as he was whisked away by her father I laughed

"What are you laughing at?"she asked

"Nothing I just thought you guys were done"I said

"We are"she said

"Oh I thought you guys were back together seeing as you two were sucking face in the hall"I said

"We were not sucking face"she said defensively

"Oh you were eating each other?"I asked

"Shut up bitch"she said I laughed

"Girls work"miss Lowe said we did just that or I tried to

"Psst Rose!"she scream whispered

"You really need to work on your whispering"I whispered

"What?"she asked I shook my head and went back to my work the day went by slowly as each teacher droned on and on about their damn school subjects and Arielle would always argue with them entertaining our classmates by the end of the day we went to my locker Finn and Jack were waiting Jack smirked as he saw his girlfriend and Finn smiled pecking my lips as I opened my locker

"I'm gonna get home so I'll text you later k?"he asked putting his hand on the small of my back

"K "I smiled at him and he pecked my lips and walked away grabbing his brother by the collar of his shirt and leading him away he waved at Arielle and she threw up a peace sign she turned to me

"Wow"she said

"What?"I asked

"You guys act like kissing cousins"she said

"Gross"I said groaning

"It's true you guys don't use tongue do you?"she asked

"That's a bit personal isn't it?"I asked

"I'm your best friend"she argues

"No we don't"I said walking away

"What do you mean you don't?"she asked

"We just don't that's gross"I said she slumped

"I'm telling you more like kissing cousins"she said I rolled my eyes

"So I told my dad and yours we were gonna go do a little shopping and my dad got us out of detention"he said

"You're so spoiled"I said

"I know,embrace it"she said I laughed she jumped down fixing her high waisted shorts we got into her mustang and drove away from school we drove to the mall and I should've known jack was gonna come he grabbed her making me the third wheel

"Sorry love Finn wanted to study"he said

"It's ok"I said walking into a store and looking at the cloths trying to keep myself occupied as they walked around basically glued to one another I walked into Hollister

"Need help there babe?"I heard an Irish accent I turned around the blonde guy from English was standing by a stack of cloths folding a couple of jeans

"No I'm fine"I said he went back to folding cloths I walked around looking at the dresses and jeans the guy went into the dressing room with a brunette he looked at me motioning for me to join him and her I walked away fast and he laughed loudly and closed the door quickly I left Hollister and went into PacSun I looked around picking out a few shirts and shorts for the hot weather coming up I paid and walked around grabbing some Starbucks

"Hey baby,you alone?"I heard someone ask a guy was standing next to the Aeropostale I tried my best to ignore him but he grabbed my waist pulling me close

"Let her go"someone said I recognized the Irish accent Seriously?i thought

"Man why don't you get lost?"the guy asked he didn't take that too kindly and grabbed my pursuitor and slamming him against the marble wall the man swung at my rescuer and hit him on the jaw the blonde swung at the guy hitting him and hitting him over and over until the guy was literally knocked out he got up pulling me and leading me away from the man lying on the floor he stopped in a hallway that led to the bathroom

"Are you ok?what was that?"I asked quickly

"I believe I was protecting you where's you little nerd?"he asked

"What are you talking about?"I asked

"Your boyfriend?"he asked

"He's at home why?"I asked

"Because I believe he should be the one protecting you Rose"he said I stepped back

"How'd you know my name?"I asked a little freaked

"English,your little red haired friend is a little fire cracker eh?"he asked i looked down

"Yeah"I agreed he clenched his fist drawing more blood I grabbed his hand

"Whoa where you going princess?"he asked

"The bathroom"I said

"Whoa didn't know you were like that but you know what they say the innocent ones are the freakiest"he said

"Not for that"I said

"Aw"he pouted his blue eyes pierced me

"Your bleeding"I said gesturing to his hand he pulled me close spinning me around I literally just wanted to leave

"So where are you going?"he asked

"To help clean you up"I said he smirked

"Fine clean me up"he said I led him to the bathroom and grabbed a few paper towels wetting them with some warm water and going back to him his knuckles stopped bleeding by now I dabbed the paper towel on his knuckles and he didn't even flinch my bag slipped from my shoulder so I took it off and put it on the counter a woman walked in and walked back out giving us a dirty look I ignored her and continued to work on his knuckles he pulled my face up with his fingers he looked at me from my green eyes to my pink lips he leaned down and was so close to kissing me before I turned the other way

"What's wrong?"he asked

"Nothin I just don't think we should be doing this?"I said

"So what now you don't want me?"he asked I rolled my eyes I despised guys like him overly cocky and just basically jerks I grabbed my bag putting it over my shoulder and walking out he followed me grabbing my hand and turning me around

"What's wrong babe?"he asked

"Seriously?get off me"I growled

"Why are you so angry?"he asked

"Nothing just let me go"I said he did as I said and he let me go I walked off and I looked around for Arielle and Jack they were at the food court Arielle was sitting on his lap

"What's wrong?"she asked standing up I've known her forever and I've known jack for a long enough time not to speak in front of him

"Nothing"I lied

"Rose..."she warned

"Arielle..."I said she got up and pulled me away

"What's wrong?"she asked furrowing her eyebrows

"I'll tell you later"I said

"K"she said he led me back to jack

"Were gonna go babe"she said

"Ok I'll see you later than"he said standing up and kissing her

"I love you"he mumbled against her lips

"I love you too"she mumbled against his lips

"Bye"he said she turned around and he smacked her bum she turned around giving him a look he laughed kissing her forehead and walking the other way we began walking away she looped her arms around my arms

"So are you gonna tell me?"she asked

"I was shopping and I was walking and this guy literally grabbed me and tried to grope me and the guy from English came basically beat him to a pulp and I took him to the bathroom and he tried to kiss me"I concluded

"Bathroom?i never thought you were like that love"she said laughing I blushed

"No not like that I was gonna help him clean up"I said my voice raising an Octave

"Hmm I bet you cleaned him up real good"she said in a slow seductive voice I rolled my eyes

"He knew about Finn and he still tried to kiss me"I said she shook her head

"What an ass"she said I crashed into someone

"Hey babe"I looked up meeting his blue eyes "you forgot this"he said handing my bag of cloths to me

"Oh thank you"I said

"Your welcome love"he said

"Call me when you want some fun"he whispered in my ear which made me turn crimson red he walked away smirking and walking away Arelle was smiling at me

"Shut up"I groaned

"Say whatever you want that guy is pretty hot"she said I rolled my eyes

"Who's pretty hot?"someone asked jumping in front of us I recognized the girl from Hollister her dress was wrinkled a bit and her hair was a mess but in a good way she looked between me and Arielle

"A guy excuse us"Arielle said rudely

"Stay away from him"she said stepping in front of us

"Who?"Arielle asked playing stupid

"Niall the blonde dude who just hit on this chick over here for some reason"she said Arielle cocked her head and I knew a snarky remark would leave her lips

"Yeah he actually does have a reason,she's not a slut like you"she said pushing past the girl

"Look Ariel I don't believe I was talking to you"the girl said behind us Arielle hated when people compared her to the Disney princess

"Look bitch I was talking to you"she said turning around

"Well I don't really care of your opinion"she said Arielle smiled laughing and pulling away from me she cocked her arm back and punched her in the face she fell to the floor and Arielle got on top of her punching her over and over my feet seemed glued to the ground until I actually started running to Arielle and pulled her off of the bleeding unconscious girl she was fuming her knuckles red and bloody from beating the girl we walked to her car and drove to her house we went inside and her kid brother was playing video games on the tv

"Hey Rose"he said checking me out

"Hey Dylan"I said pushing Arielle to the room she was less angry at least

"What happened to Arielle?"he asked

"Shut up booger"she snapped and he sank back to the couch an we pressed on to her room upstairs she paced in front of me

"I'm sorry"I said

"For what?"she asked

"Dude you just got in a fight"I said

"Well that's what friends are for"she said plopping down on the bed I poked her stomach

"Do something"I said she groaned and got up

"So what are you gonna do about Niall?"she asked

"Who?"I asked confused

"Your lover"she said

"Haha very funny he's nothing I don't even know him "and nothing"I said she laughed

"Cool"she said putting on some music we listened to it quiet for a while before she went to her balcony door and pulled them open she sat down on the window seat and started to play her guitar strumming the strings randomly the skin broken on her knuckles

"Ugh another one"I said

"What?"she asked

"Another person with broken skin on their knuckles"I groaned

"Hah but you don't have to worry about me hitting on you"she said "unless your into that kind of thing"she said I laughed

"Dork"I said

"Dumbass"she retorted"you remember my friend Luke?"she asked

"Yeah what about him?"I asked

"He wants to go out with me"she said

"Aww Lukey wants to date you,what does jack say?"I asked

"Nothing I haven't told him cause I know how he gets when he gets jealous he'll literally serve his head on a platter but I know Luke won't go out without a fight"she said looking at her guitar strings

"So you like Luke?"I asked she bit her lip

"Well i don't know,he likes to rub it in my face that he knows jacks doing me wrong and I know it too but I just can't let him go I love him and I know he doesn't know how to show he loves me so he tries really hard,too hard"she said sighing she put her guitar down

"Just do what your heart tells you"I said

"You sound like a Disney princess stop"she said

"Look at this stuff isn't it neat wouldn't out think my collection's complete wouldn't you think I'm the girl the girl who has everything look at this trove treasures untold how many wonders can one tavern hold looking around here you think sure she's got everything..."I sang and she covered her ears with two throw pillows she threw one at me and I fell backward landing at jacks feet

"Hey I thought she was Ariel"he said pointing to Arielle I laughed

"She is I just like making fun of her"I said he laughed helping me up

"I think I'm gonna go play video games with your brother"I said watching as lust filled jacks eyes as he stared at Arielle she smiled at me and I left closing her door

"Hey Dylan"I said he laughed

"Jack here?"he asked I nodded

"What's up?"I asked

"Nothing,our parents went out tonight so they won't be home till like five in the morning so I guess your staying over"he said

"Yeah I guess"I said

"How come Finn didn't come?"he asked

"He isn't like jack he's responsible and he won't defy his parents"I said

"He sounds boring"he said

"At least jack has the balls to sneak out to see his girlfriend"he said I laughed

"Dylan!"I scolded him

"What?"he asked pausing his game

"Seriously come on what do you and him do for fun?"he asked I narrowed my eyes at him

"I'm not telling you"i said

"Seriously come on,I know you don't do anything bad"he said I rolled my eyes

"We go on dates,to the movies,park that kind of stuff"I said

"At least you get out more than the do they're always in her room making out and stuff"he said I laughed

"seriously kid just stop talking"I said

"Are you hungry?there's pizza in the kitchen sodas in the fridge"he said I got up my stomach grumbled I grabbed two slices of pizza and a can of coke and went back to the living room pretty soon he went to his room to sleep and I watched movies falling asleep on the couch and I woke up jack was slamming the door behind him I got up quickly following behind him I opened the door and he looked behind him

"What's wrong?"I asked he paced in front of me looking like he needed to punch someone or something

"Your little friend is being a slut"he said I was taken aback

"What are you talking about?"I asked

"She didn't tell you her favorite little friend tried asking her out?"he asked

"Why are you over reacting it's not like she's actually gonna do it?and she loves you way too much to do that to you"I said

"Well tell her she can have him I don't want her anymore"he said getting in his car and driving off I ran inside Arielle was bawling her eyes out when I came into her room I rarely ever saw her cry so she must've been hurt bad I went to her bed and hugged her she wrapped her arms around me crying when she finished crying I started singing softly so she could fall asleep

"I fell so numb staring at the shower wall,it's begun the feeling that the end has come,now the waters cold,I tried to eat today but the lump in my throat got in the way,in this time I've lost all sense of pride I've called a hundred times....."she finally took a long shaky breath and fell asleep I felt sorry for her after all the time and energy she put into her relationship with jack he just gave up just like nothing this morning they whispered I love you against each other's lips and it looked genuine but I guess guys are just good liars and girls are gullible my best friend was lying shattered in pieces next to me and I prayed she would keep it together and be the care free happy selfless person she was before jack left her I got up slipping on my shoes and I didn't know what I was gonna do but I drove to jacks flat he and his brother were already eighteen and they moved out I threw rocks at his window he looked out annoyed I disturbed him he came out his hair was a mess and he was shirtless only wearing pajama bottoms and slippers

"What the hell do you want?"he asked harshly

"Did you really love her?"I asked my question caught him off guard

"Of course I did"he said

"Than why would you leave her like that?"I asked

"Because..."he trailed of not having a legitimate reason

"She's broken and she needs you,her stupid pride might get in the way but you know she loves you and she would never do anything to betray you"I said

"No I don't actually that killed me when she said that he asked her out on a date I wanted to go an murder him for trying to hit on my girlfriend he's lucky I didn't"he said

"If your just gonna leave her like this don't plan on coming back"I said

"Don't worry I won't"he said

"Listen to me you little shit I will kick you so hard in the nuts they will literally come out of your throat if you ever go near her again and I'll be sure to notify Luke on your little invitation"I said walking away he stood there speechless I crossed my arms walking back to the car and driving back to Arielle's everyone was still asleep the sun came up in a few hours and I laid down next to Arielle I was happy she could actually sleep now she looked peaceful I like the fact she could sleep and forget everything I fell asleep and woke up to soft music coming from Arielle she was curled in a ball listening to her iPod she looked at the ceiling complete sadness shadowed her eyes and her lack of sleep I was tired I threw my arm over her waist and she ran her fingers lightly back and forth on my arm Lana del Rey blasting out of her earphones I fell back to sleep and when I stumbled down the stairs and went to the kitchen where our parents were nursing their head aches my mum and dad were at the table I hugged them and went to go get coffee I served myself some and Arielle was on the couch curled in a ball looking at the wall

"You ready to go love?"my mum asked I gave a worried look at Arielle and turned back to my mum

"Go!"Arielle yelled playfully I turned around and she was smiling her eyes were full of tears I rushed to her and hugged her she hugged me back tightly

"Just go I could use some alone time"she said

"Ok I'll text you later though"I said

"Ok text away"she said I smiled and hugged her once more before my parents and I left we got to the house and I went to go take a shower I changed into ripped skinny jeans Toms and a simple loose white shirt and a red plaid shirt I blow dried my hair and went downstairs my mum and dad were probably gonna be in their room all day so I started to read grabbing a book I curled up on the couch and began reading I literally got lost in the book someone rang the doorbell and I looked outside the sun was already going down I got up and went to the door I opened it and Finn was standing outside awkwardly

"Hey"I said

"Hey"he said pecking my lips I just thought of Niall's lips on mine and shook my head for those thoughts to disappear

"So I talked to my brother..."he trailed off

"Come inside"I said I opened the door wider and he sat down on the couch next to me and sighed

"I talked to my brother he's pretty angry"he said

"Well he is just being selfish,in sorry I know he's your brother but he didn't even bother hearing her out and now she's in this depressed state that she doesn't even want to get out of bed she won't stop crying"I said he nodded

"No I understand I get how he can be sometimes so I won't try to defend him but do you honest think their relationship has any way of actually working out?"he asked

"What do you mean?"I asked

"I mean their relationship is toxic they only care when they know they've done something wrong and quite frankly that's not right"he said I sighed

"Yeah"he said he pulled me into his arms "I'm sorry love"he said I looked up at him

"For what?"I asked

"Them dragging you into this and putting you in the middle"he said

"They're not putting me in the middle of anything"I said

"I saw you last night yelling at my brother"he said I blushed a crimson red and he laughed

"No I think that was very brave of you to go against my brother cause your so small and he's a giant"he said

"You guys are the same size"I said

"Yeah imagine how tall I feel when I'm with you"he said I narrowed my eyes at him and he laughed we watched a movie and cuddled before he had to leave my eyes were heavy so I went to bed

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