9. Fairytales Dont Come True

I went home late and paps were covering every inch of the street

"Rose!are you and Niall having an affair?"one pap yelled

"Is Niall Horan your boyfriend?"another one yelled I kept my eyes on the floor smiling lightly and go into the waiting cab.i got a text as soon as I got into my car

"Nice ass ;)"Niall texted I laughed quietly

"Go to sleep Horan"I said

"I can't I'm thinking of my lovely girlfriend"he said I blushed madly

"Go to sleep I don't want you falling asleep tomorrow"I said

"What are we doing tomorrow?"he asked

"You're coming with me to a photo shoot"I texted back

"Lingerie?"he asked

I laughed that was exactly what it was

"Yes Niall"I said

"Seriously?"he asked

"Yes Niall I'm working for a Victoria's Secret Catalogue tomorrow"I said

"Whoa"he said I laughed

"Go to sleep now"I said

"No you got me excited I can't sleep now"he said as i pulled into the driveway to the apartments I got out opening the gate with my key and walking as the wind whipped around me I got to the house and everything was quiet I guess Luke and Arielle were asleep I went to the room yawning my phone rang loudly in my back pocket it was a blocked number so I ignored it and went to bed my phone blared next to me seemingly minutes later I rubbed my eyes drowsiness apparent in my face I got up took a shower blow dried my hair and changed into a pair of leggings combat boots and a burgundy thick knitted sweater I ate some fruit drank some tea and drove to Niall's house when I got there he was half asleep he smiled sleepily when he saw me he pulled me in and kissed me pressing me up against the wall gently he pulled away smiling at me

"I thought you were coming with me?"I asked

"I am,I just fell asleep again"he said I laughed

"Go get ready we need to go already"I said he got ready rather quickly and we were out the door he held my hand and paps immediately started hounding us

"Niall is Rose Mary your girlfriend?"one asked

"Are you two getting married?"

"How do you think your fans will react?"

"Does Rose like your music?"

"How does it feel to be a whore?"another one asked I swallowed the lump in my throat and continued onto the car we got in and drove off quickly we got to the photo shoot and I greeted the photographer

"Rose how are you doing darling?"she asked

"I'm fine how are you today?"I asked

"I'm doing great darling I'm so happy you turned into an Angel"she said I smiled

"It was a great opportunity so I took it"I said the immediately shoved lingerie at me and made me go change I changed quickly they fixed my stockings,hair and make up I put on high heels and angel wings and we started shooting Niall watched me closely biting his lip I could see his pants get a little tighter this made me laugh we go the shots I needed and I changed back into my own cloths we left grabbing some tea before we drove back to his apartment and pushed through the sea of paps we finally got inside and went to his floor I saw a girl leaning against it knocking over and over I looked at Niall and his eyebrows furrowed she turned around and a sense of familiarity washed over me as I saw her face

"Finally Horan I've been waiting for hours"she said annoyed

"What are you doing here?"he asked

"I've been waiting for you to open the door so we can--"she cut herself off abruptly noticing me for the first time

"...-talk"she said

"I need to have a very serious conversation with you Niall"she said seemingly more serious

"What is it?"he asked his eyebrow arched

"I need to speak to you in private"she said

"I would much rather you spoke out here in front of my girlfriend"Niall said

"Her?"she asked

"Yes her"Niall said growing more annoyed

"Fine,I'm pregnant"she said

"What?"was the first thing that left his mouth my hand fell limply to my side and his eyes grew wider and wider

"Yeah and it's yours"she said

"What are you talking about were about to go on a nation wide tour,I can't have a kid"he said rubbing his face

"But Niall it's your kid how can you say that?"she said meanwhile I wanted to leave so badly

"I can an I will,just cause your gonna have a kid doesn't mean I have to ruin my career for you"he said

"What?"she asked even I was surprised by his harsh words

"I can't take care of a kid I'm gonna spend almost the whole year on tour"he said looking to me for support of some kind but I couldn't speak

"Niall I can't believe this after all this time I thought you loved me"she said her eyes filled with tears and she stormed off slamming into me in the process Niall watched me as I leaned against the wall he bit his lip and came closer

"Babe?"he said grabbing into my shoulder but it felt dirty and the way he said babe made my skin crawl

"I should get home"I said after a while he jerked in surprise at my sudden outburst

"But I..."he trailed off and nodded I quickly took the stairs two at a time and ran to my car pushing through the paps as they yelled and filled my eyes with propaganda and lies I got into my car and drove off getting home just as Luke and Arielle were leaving probably on a date or something I went inside and sat on the couch Niall called a few times but I ignored them I guess he understood I wanted to be alone for now.

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