One Direction fun!

Are you a One Direction fan and bored of all the same-old, immature, inappropriate, and completely irrelevant Harry-fell-in-love-with-me-we-have-you-know-what One Direction fanfictions on Movellas? Want to hear more about your favorite five boys, but are too lazy to switch from Movellas to Wattpad? Well, we've got you covered! This movella includes short stories about how 1D met all of you (RPing in the comments about what you would do if Harry, Louis, Zayn, Liam, or Niall was your boyfriend), poems, your love letters to your favorite 1D boy (commented or mumbled; if mumbled, tag me), song lyrics, photos, comics, and so much more! Needs a cover and a co-author.

Note: These jokes are not mine. They can either be on Wattpad or suggested by you guys. Be sure to like, comment, fav, and fan!


2. My Little One Direction

Like, comment, fav, and fan if you are a Directioner and a Brony!

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