All i want is to be happy and live a normal life again

My mom died a couple years ago. I was only 13. And my dad took it hard. He never really liked me he wanted a son. My mom died in a car accident trying to pick me up from my friends house and on the way back to the house she swerved of the road and into a tree I survived but she didn't. My dad blamed it all me and started raping me a year latter I'm in foster care and my dad is in jail.
Latter on i meet Liam and we are best friends even when he becomes famous and I support him trough all of his ups and downs and he does the same for me because we became best friends. When he joins the band one direction I became friends with them too it was perfect until I met Harry's true side.


9. telling Liam about my past

Chloe's pov

We went to the salon and I asked for bangs and thicken up my hair and get it trimmed and I also want it to be hot pink when she was done with my hair it looked amazing I went home and did my day lie stuff and it was like that for at least a month.

One month later

Chloe's pov

It's my birthday and I'm turning 15. So I woke up at 7:30 I jumped on my bed for a couple minutes then I went to my closet and grabbed one if my crop to long sleeve shirts and a pair of shorts when it got done I grabbed my phone and j saw a text from Liam we have been dating for a month now and my dads are glad I'm healing and having a good time

Payne train(Liam): hey babe happy birthday

Me: thanks😘

I opened my door and walked down the stairs bet to my surprise Liam was standing there so I jumped at him and he put his arms out and j went in them he squeezed me tightly and kissed me I pulled back and he said "I love you chloe" I smiled and almost fainted and said "I love you Liam" he let go of me and said "I'm taking you to the movies see Liam is one year older than me so he's 16 when we got to the movies he got up breaking dawn part 2 tickets I've been wanting to see this movie for like forever when we sat down it started he put his arm around me and kissed my forehead and I leaned in to him. When we got to the part about the fight I started to cry and Liam held me tightly when it got to the end I was so happy Alice didn't die when I looked up at Liam I knew he was at airing at me part of the movie because his eyes looked like they saw love mine went the same went I met his eyes I asked him"how much of the movie did you actually watch" he said "not much your just so beautiful i can't keep eyes off of you" I smiled and he said "you should come hang out at my house for a while" I said "sure" when we got to his house he introduced me to his mom and dad then we went to his room when he opened up the door all I saw was batman a stuff and I laughed he said "are you making fun of my room" he was shutting the door while asking I said "no it's awesome and I wish this could be my room" he was walking up to me and now he's right in front of me and he stole my lips we kissed then he pulled back and sat down he patted the spot next to him and I sat there he attached my lips to mine and we started making out so he pulled me into his lap and put his hands in my waist and moved my bottom back and forth to were I was grinding on him so I got faster and I could feel him harden he stopped the kiss for a second so he can put his head on the head board I had my hands in his hair and I was grinding so hard on him we are mining nonstop then I trailed my hands down his chest and grabbed the bottom of his shirt and pulled it off of his head and he started to suck on my soft spot in my neck and he flipped onto me to were he was hovering over me he had his hands on my hips the entire time until now and he put one hand up my shirt to were he was groping my boob then he went and pulled off my shirt when he did he saw my arms and I pushed him off of me and didn't face him because I saw pain in his eyes and I said "there months old I didn't mean for you to see them I'm sorry you did" he said "don't be sorry you should have told me but I know it's hard to tell people about these things and I'm not going to judge you because of it" I started to face him and when he saw my bra his boner went to small to huge so I put my hand on it and started so rub it then I got up and locked the door and sat back down facing him I started to I button his pants and pulled the zipper down I looked at him and his expression was pleading and I knew what to do so I yanked on his pants so he would pull them off and he did I grabbed his dick and started to put my hand around it and I twisted it and pulled he Moans in response so I added my mouth to the squeeze and twist and he said "fuck chloe" and he started to moans my name over and over again and then he said "if you don't stop now I'm gonna come in your mouth" I didn't stop so when he did it didn't taste that good but not that bad he pulled his boxers back up and I said "remember when I said I had history on big dicks" he said "ya" I said "well I'll tell it to you" he just starred at me I said "it'll start off wearied and it has to do with my past and scars" he just nodded I started telling him "My mom died a couple years ago. I was only 13. And my dad took it hard. He never really liked me he wanted a son. My mom died in a car accident trying to pick me up from my friends house and on the way back to the house she swerved of the road and into a tree I survived but she didn't. My dad blamed it all me and started raping me a year latter I'm in foster care and my dad is in jail. I'm only there for a year until this gay couple come and adopt me Blaine Anderson and Kurt Humble my dads.They came down here all the way from the UK to adopt me I was on the news world wide and they wanted me to be there daughter. Sense my dad did horrible things to me I became anorexic and I cut my self and I have major trust issues. The reason for trust issues was because I was locked in a basement from the world for a year and my dad would bring random people that he called friends in the basement and would beat me and rape me a couple times a day all year long in clouding him. When my dads told me I had to get in an airplane and we are going to Wolverhampton, West Midlands, England." He had tears in his eyes and I couldn't make eye contact with him but he just pulled me into a bear hug and said "it's ok now your safe and sound with me and your dads don't worry and this might sound wearied bug can I give you back the favor of what you did to me before you started your story I want to make you feel good and forget about what you told me" I said "ok but be careful I'm still healing" he started to kiss me and hover over me he started to kiss me under my ear and kept going down he put his hand under my back and I arched it so he can unbuckle my bra he took it off of me and trough it across the room be looked at my boobs and saw the scars I had but ignored them and cupped my boobs with his hands and started to suck on my nipples then one of his hand went to my shorts he unbuttoned them and took them off if me and started to kiss down my stomach and he latched a finger under my underwear and pulled them off and started to kiss further and further until he's and my core and my back arced but he put his arm around my waist so he could get to work he un latched his mouth from my sex and said "can I add fingers" I mound uhm so he said "I'm gonna add one if you want another just tell me" so he put his mouth back on me and added a finger and started to pump it in and out it felt so good so I chocked "put another in" he did and he started to stretch me out and I was moaning nonstop and I dealt that knot in my stomach get bigger and I just want to let go so Liam said "cyme for me babe" and then I let it go with the jerk of my hips and he licked it all up and came up to kiss me and I could taste me on his tong And he said "I love you so much" I said "I love you too" my phone buzzed and it said

Blaine: head your way home it's almost dark


I told Liam "Blaine said I have to head home" so we got dressed and he grabbed a new shirt and trough me the one he wore today at me and I stuffed it in my bag and we went down stairs and got in his car before his mom saw he had a different shirt on he took me home and walked me to the front door I got our my keys and he whispered in my ear "leave you window unlocked" I nodded and kissed him I went in the house and Kurt handed me a plate of food I sat down at the table and ate I went upstairs and took a shower and went into my room to put on some underwear and Liam's t-shirt unlocked my window and Liam came in my phone buzzed it said

Blaine : Kurt and me want to know if Liam is going to stay for breakfast and yes we know he's in your room

I told Liam to stay there and I put on some pants and walked down stairs and said "how do you know he's here" Blaine said "just an instinct we guess where not mad if you wanted him to spend the night you could have asked he can stay any night you want him to just no sex because the doctor said so anything else is fine just don't be loud" I just stood there shocked out of my mind and walked back upstairs to my room and shut the door and locked it and said "my dads know your here and they don't care they said no sex anything else if fine as long as we're not to loud" I launched at Liam and started kissing him I got back up took my pants back off and got under the covers and told Liam "take off you pants and shoes and get in bed" he obeyed and I said "if there's any questions you want to ask of want to see any of my scars a you just ask" he said "can I see all of your scars"

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