All i want is to be happy and live a normal life again

My mom died a couple years ago. I was only 13. And my dad took it hard. He never really liked me he wanted a son. My mom died in a car accident trying to pick me up from my friends house and on the way back to the house she swerved of the road and into a tree I survived but she didn't. My dad blamed it all me and started raping me a year latter I'm in foster care and my dad is in jail.
Latter on i meet Liam and we are best friends even when he becomes famous and I support him trough all of his ups and downs and he does the same for me because we became best friends. When he joins the band one direction I became friends with them too it was perfect until I met Harry's true side.


12. Taylor's story

Taylor's pov

I'm 15years old I live in Wolverhampton, West Midlands, England. My mom died when I was 10 my dad is supper wealthy but wanted nothing to do with me and my sister so he abandoned us and has a new life of his own. I was only 13 when my dad left and I had to lie about my age so I could get a job to support both of us and go to school. I live in a very old one room apartment I skip around with jobs but I'm usually found working at fast food places because it can only lie about my age to a certain extent until people start to get skeptical I go to coppice performing arts school because I'm a major in art drawing paintings sculpting stuff like that. My sister is in 9th grade but she's 11years old but the said that she is a very night major in all her classes and 9th grade level in all her classes she's so smart she's on the same school because she's amazing at literature and poetry.

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