All i want is to be happy and live a normal life again

My mom died a couple years ago. I was only 13. And my dad took it hard. He never really liked me he wanted a son. My mom died in a car accident trying to pick me up from my friends house and on the way back to the house she swerved of the road and into a tree I survived but she didn't. My dad blamed it all me and started raping me a year latter I'm in foster care and my dad is in jail.
Latter on i meet Liam and we are best friends even when he becomes famous and I support him trough all of his ups and downs and he does the same for me because we became best friends. When he joins the band one direction I became friends with them too it was perfect until I met Harry's true side.


14. officially meeting louis

Taylor's pov

I awoke this morning with the alarm clock at the usual time 5:30 but I wasn't sleepy and all droopy and mad and upset I felt weird and I don't know what's got ton into me but I got into the shower and when I got out I got a pair of my shorts and a shirt and my sneakers it was almost 7:00 and my sister was already up and we got some bread and went to school my sister goes strait to her thing like she does every day I went to my locker when I got my stuff I turned around I wasn't paying attention and knocked into somebody and it was louis my stuff was all over the floor it might sound cheesy but it happened and he said " sorry I wasn't paying attention" I laughed and said "me too" we both laughed and started to pick up our stuff and he said "is this ur phone" I said "yes it's is" he took a minute and then gave it back and said "I put my number in can I have urs" I said "ya" he handed me his phone and I put it in we headed to class and it was like that for the rest of the day we haven talked sense we bumped into each other. Now it's time for my least favorite class of the day P.E. Someone was talking about what we were doing and they said "track" now I'm really regretting although I'm really athletic from running all the time I still hate P.E. So I went strait to the locker room and changed into my Jim uniform we were called out to the track field and couch said "ok ladies it's time for u to run track u can walk run jog anything but sit and talk u can also join the boys in football if u like now go" I didn't feel like walking playing with the boys or jogging Then couch walked up to me and said "there's my favorite student can u run to the teachers lounge and get me the usual please " she handed me money I go and get her stuff for her all the time I'm the only person she lIkes ever I think she's just trying to get me on track team or something because I run faster than any one else and I have very high fitness it's because I am constantly running around trying to keep my sister safe and food in her stomach and keep a job when I got to the teachers lounge I got her drink and walked back when I got to were she is standing and said "couch I got ur drink for u" she turned and said "thanks" I said "no problem" then I got into a running position and started running when I got to my 6th lap I started to walk and then something hit me in the leg and I looked at it I didn't kick it or anything because I know the rules of football someone ran up to me to kick the ball he kicked it in and then started to turn and look at me and I raised an eyebrow when it was louis he said "sorry about that I saw u and my kick went the wrong way" it amused me that when he sees me he gets off balance I just laughed and said "it's ok as long as u don't hit me in the head" we both laughed he introduced himself and I did the same he said that he is the best football star the school ever had.we started to talk and ended up sitting down and he realized that we were and said "oh I'm sorry ur about to get in trouble with ur couch because ur sitting and here she comes" I liked at were he was looking and couch was right next to me now and she said "hey Taylor did u think about joining the track team yet ur the best runner we've ever had and we really need u" I said "I don't know couch I have a lot on my plate and I don't know it I have time for it right now I'm sorry I know u need me but I'm having a hard time at home nothing new but I don't think I can" she said "oh I didn't know don't worry about it we'll find some more runners I don't want u to worry or and accommodation to ur schedule" I smiled and said "thanks for understanding couch" she walked away and louis said "what was that she never does that to any one she hates everyone" I said "everyone but me I can run a mile under 3 minutes" he said "wow why would u turn down track team then" I said "home problems and u wouldn't understand what I've been through I have no time for track I have no time for anything. I have to go there heading in

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