All i want is to be happy and live a normal life again

My mom died a couple years ago. I was only 13. And my dad took it hard. He never really liked me he wanted a son. My mom died in a car accident trying to pick me up from my friends house and on the way back to the house she swerved of the road and into a tree I survived but she didn't. My dad blamed it all me and started raping me a year latter I'm in foster care and my dad is in jail.
Latter on i meet Liam and we are best friends even when he becomes famous and I support him trough all of his ups and downs and he does the same for me because we became best friends. When he joins the band one direction I became friends with them too it was perfect until I met Harry's true side.


7. hobby

Chloe's pov.

I woke up to the smell of food I'm used to the sun shining in so i think Blaine closed my curtains so I can sleep in I looked at the clock and it said 9:04 so I got up and changed into one of my new skinny jeans with a tank top and a hoodie I went down the stairs and then I just remembered I forgot to tell Cher not to tell anyone about my scars so I walked into the kitchen and said "can I go next door for a sec. I have something to tell Cher" they said "only for a couple minutes breakfast is almost done" I said "ok" I went to my room and put on some combat boots I bout yesterday comes my hair and put it in a bun I went back down stairs and left the house to Cher's house I knocked and she answered and I said "can I talk to you of a sec. I only have five minutes" she said "sure" is said "did you tell anyone about my scars" she said "no" I said "can you not tell anyone I don't want anyone to know" she said "of course" I said " we'll I'll see you later" she said "see ya" I went back o my house and sat at the table were I normally sit and say the gifts I was supposed to open last night so I said "I'm gonna open these now" they smiled so I opened the small one first and it was a pink iPhone 5 the newest one and it has the most gigabytes that they have it also had usernames and passwords to everything I need and to gmail and yahoo accounts Blaine said "we maid those for you we don't remember your passwords and your phone is already set up" I said "thanks" I opened the next one that is the same size it's an iPod touch 5 the newest one and it's the same color and gigabytes as my phone so I opened up the next one and it was the newest iPad then I opened the last one and it was the newest laptop they are all from apple I said "thank you so much but you didn't have to do all of this because I will love both of you even if you didn't bye me this stuff" Kurt said "we know we just want to make you happy that's all" I said "thanks" then Blaine said "is there kind of hobby you would like to have or activity" I said "I've wanted to try out for boxing........ Oh I forgot to tell you I have anger issues too but only when someone is being annoying" Blaine said "If you like we can find the closest boxing place here so you could sign up" I said "really" he said "really" we went out and found a girls and boys boxing rinks the reason I said it differently is because there in separate buildings and one big one in the middle we went into the girls one and this guy named Axial and he said "how may I help you" Blaine said "my daughter chloe would love to join boxing and were do you think we can sign up for it at" Axial said "here you go fill this about and hand it to me when your finished and I'll be Chloe's trainer" when Blaine was done I said "if your going to be my trainer I have some flaws" I told him my past and my arms I told him I'm anorexic and he said "I will do all that I can so I one will see your scars I will order special tops for you they will by under armor longs leaves but it will have to be skin tight" I said "as long as it covers my arms" when we go home we hung out and watched movies together I don't start my practice until my shirts come in. My dad's have a home maid gym in the basement so I use that so all I do is work out and hang with my dads and it's pretty much like that for a month a boring month

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