Out Of The Crowd Emily & I

At a One Direction signing in Melbourne, its a mad house, with girls screaming, crying and making it hard for every girl fan there. This fan fiction is about being calm, quiet, and getting noticed. If your not the one making noise and screaming the place down you get seen, you get noticed you got spotted... Out Of The Crowd


7. Chapter 7

“Hey” Mums chirpy voice answers. “Hey Mum” I reply. “Hey Mum” I start explain “One Direction, have invited and me and EM to lunch can we go, it means we may be home late” There’s silence for a while, and I wait patiently, not wanting to sound or be too excited.  “Okay Mum” says “That is a chance of a lifetime not to be missed, you and EM are so lucky” She says, she sends me phone kisses. And I tell her, how thankful I am, and then hang up.
Dash of to fine EM. She talking with Niall, that’s what I predicted. Niall looks up, and Liam, Louis, Harry and Zayn turn round “So?” Asks Harry, I take a glance at EM, and I know she can read the answer of my face. She doesn’t give it away though. “We can go” I breath out slowly. Harry makes a great deal out of not rushing over and hugging me, instead Louis receives the hug. I smile.
“I’ll inform security” Liam says, and dials a number on his phone. EM, rushes over to hug me. “MJ” She jumps up and down “We are really going to have lunch with One Direction” I smile, and try my best to contain my excitement.
Remembering, cool, calm and quiet got us here in the first place. I can believe this is reality, and standing out, can also mean being the quite, keep to yourself person. Normally people that stand out, are loud, drunk, or wear clothes that every body see’s through. You get my point don’t you?
This is rare, and I can’t believe this is happening. It so unreal, and I bet fans out there might change their tactics, because just being casual and normal for us, got us this chance. 
Liam hands me my bag of signed gear. And EM and I head out, no guards, no security and onto the streets of Melbourne. One Direction at our sides. Smiling, so brightly.


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