Out Of The Crowd Emily & I

At a One Direction signing in Melbourne, its a mad house, with girls screaming, crying and making it hard for every girl fan there. This fan fiction is about being calm, quiet, and getting noticed. If your not the one making noise and screaming the place down you get seen, you get noticed you got spotted... Out Of The Crowd


3. Chapter 3

“Miss” says the lady in the red and blue suit, her blonde hair fly’s out behind her, she shoves crying fans out the way to get past. I grab EM’s arm and she spins around. She balances the bags in her arms carefully. She grabs hold of me, as we wait for the lady to come close to us. Many of the girls think she called to them, but know she called to us. Her eyes are still shining and her smile is soft too.  She finally reaches us. And EM and I can’t help but keep on smiling.

“Hello Miss” she says, EM and I both look at each other.

She whispers to us,

“We need you girls both in the backroom” she says,

“Why?’ Emily steps forward.

“Listen girls, just met me in the backroom in 5” she points discreetly over to a door,

“Its over there okay girls, I expect you to find your way there”
 she says, she starts to walk of casually,

“Wait” EM says and marches up to her “You didn’t tell us why” she says, the lady turns around,

 “Love” she says softly, I can see she’s trying to stay patient I can see it, I can see she is having trouble and I wonder why.

“Love just take your friend and come up to the back room in 5 minutes” she says “Trust me Love, you won’t regret this, be there okay” I watch EM nod, and make her way back to me. 

“Lets do this quietly and quickly” she suggest quietly, I nod to her, and offer to take some of the stuff she’s holding, EM hands me two full bags, she grabs my arm and drags me through the crowd. Girls are still crying, some of them are texting now and some of them and arguing with the security guards. EM looks back at me as she pulls me through the crowd. I smile at her, and EM smiles back, for us when we get to the security guard, I know it will be different for us, he’ll step aside smile, and we will enter the back room.

The security guard see’s us coming and tells the girls arguing with him to step aside, he makes the move out for us, the girls are wide eyed and shocked, some wipe more tears away and continue to argue with him. But he doesn’t listen. His face softens as we reach him ‘Hello girls’ he says so politely, he steps aside, the door comes into view, its says the Back Room. EM takes a deep breath, I feel her tighten her grip on my arm and push open the door, and we turn around once when we enter the room. We see girls we faces like stone, cold and hard, but most are crying and arguing with the security guard, but he stands his ground, he yells at them and tells them to back off. We take one last glimpse of the world out there and then we face the room, we scan it, it looks like a cleaners room, doesn’t look special or anything. We wait silently for the lady with the red and blue dress to come and collect us.

“She’s three minutes late” says EM, and I just nod. I don’t take my eyes of one of the doors not then when we come through but another much smaller door. I point to it, and EM goes over and puts an ear to the door.
“Silent” Says EM, coming back to join me. EM and I start to chatta. We chat about why we are here, and why we were called aside, and why many of the other girls were chosen, we can’t understand why it was only us. We know for sure, we weren’t crying or making much noise so it can’t be to call our parents and tell them we are misbehaving teenagers. But why an earth would we be called aside. Was it to make as cry. Because it gives One Direction good ratings, and makes them get back on the news again. Why any earth would One Direction do that? Cancel a signing, why would they, I have be wanting to see them for ages, not to mention the times its taken to get EM ready and here too. Will our dream come true? The lady comes through the door I’ve been staring at for ages. Her face softens and she smiles at us. She approaches us...

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