Out Of The Crowd Emily & I

At a One Direction signing in Melbourne, its a mad house, with girls screaming, crying and making it hard for every girl fan there. This fan fiction is about being calm, quiet, and getting noticed. If your not the one making noise and screaming the place down you get seen, you get noticed you got spotted... Out Of The Crowd


10. Chapter 10 (Final Chapter)

The morale of this story is this: Sometimes, being the shy one, the quiet one, gets you noticed. You’re different, quirky, and seen. In this story that is how these two friends got to see the band. Everybody else, made to much noise, they didn’t think being quiet would get them in. Being noisy like they were surely didn’t. So one day, if you ever get the chance to attend a signing, think bout it, think bout, standing out. Think bout being different, usual. Think bout, being that special one Out Of The Crowd, which got noticed them seen, and got them the chance of a lifetime. By doing something no body else thought off. LOL by being quiet, keeping to yourself etc. It will work. Out Of The Crowd, maybe it will be you!


That’s the end.

I hope you enjoyed it,

Plz comment.


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