Out Of The Crowd Emily & I

At a One Direction signing in Melbourne, its a mad house, with girls screaming, crying and making it hard for every girl fan there. This fan fiction is about being calm, quiet, and getting noticed. If your not the one making noise and screaming the place down you get seen, you get noticed you got spotted... Out Of The Crowd


1. Chapter 1

I was so pleased, and so happy, words really couldn’t describe it. I held my best friends hand harder, tighter then I meant to but I really couldn’t help myself. Late last night I had picked up my bestie, from a quiet Victorian town, and we had driven through the night to arrive in Melbourne this morning. My heart pounded, I was sweating, I knew Emily was one of the happiest friends here, I knew I was happy to have been able to take her along, and to be here myself. I think I got to tell you why we are in Melbourne, I can’t contain my excitement, no matter how hard I try now, I don’t think I can be quiet for a moment more, so here it goes. We are at Melbourne because, the pop boy band One Direction are doing a signing. A personal appearance, my face goes bright, and a smile spreads across it.


Emily found out about the signing when browsing the web for Niall related articles cause she’s a Niall fan, and sure enough Emily really often known as EM had found and article that said Niall had told the the news that the members of One Direction where going to be coming to all the massive cities to do signings and appearances for there fans in Australia and around the glove, so that’s why we are here. To see them, to get our gear signed, to take a glimpse of our favourite member.


As I look around at the mall I have to say It is truly amazing, the mall is packed with girls everywhere, screaming, crying, jumping up and down and mostly laughing, a lot of chatter was happening, and a lot of girls couldn’t contain there excitement. EM and I had waited for ages to get a glimpse of the special One Direction members, Liam, Louis, Zayn, Niall and Harry.


They swept the nation, and they swept them up with them declared true directioners here from earth to the sun, cause there so hot.

 “MJ” EM whispers in my ear I turn to her

“Your hurting me” she says, I let go of her hand and she smiles at me, the happiest brightest smile I’ve seen

 “This is just so amazing” she breathes out with a sigh, followed by another bright smile. I nod in agreement, and turn my eyes back to the stage, the stage is surrounded by guards, security even though 1D are nowhere to be seen right now. I guess with the amount of fans there were even the stage needed protecting.


I turned my eyes to EM’s bulging bags, three of them in total, EM had brought kind of a truck load, stuffed with stuff she wanted signed, she had also been so kind and was going to get some of her friends stuffed signed too that couldn’t come along. I knew EM was not going to be in a rush to get out, I bet she would stare into Niall’s eyes and get lost, and all dreamy and the police would make a new fine for her, especially for her, and she’ll be charged with going all googy “That will be a three hundred dollar fine ma’am” they’d say, I could imagine that perfectly. I don’t know exactly what I’d do when my time rolled around to seeing them, my eyes might explode, or maybe my heart, I’m really unsure, I’m generally a shy girl, so I can’t imagine how I’ll be.


I stopped thinking about it for a moment and turned my attention to the atmosphere the air was stuffy, and the noise was annoying, yelling and screaming, it was ringing in my ears, I imagined little blue ear muffs like the kind I saw Liam wear in a recent photo. There I go again day dreaming away.


The security where having a real hard time trying to contain the many screaming fans. They had said just twenty-five minutes before, that if the crowd doesn’t bring the noise level down and control themselves, the signing would be cancelled due to the risk to the members of One Direction and the fans.  Although the warnings were issued, none of the girls hushed up, they keep on screaming, laughing and crying. Maybe they didn’t believe that they would actually stop a signing cause it was dangerous and too loud. This was my first signing and EM’s first signing, and I sure didn’t want to be turned away, so we made special effort to be quiet.


 EM and I were the most silent around, partly cause we were tired from the long drive, the lack of sleep and the lack of food and water we had early in that morning. EM still had her arm around my shoulder, I could hear her heart pounding even through the noise, I could feel my own heart pounding too, but I couldn’t help keep on smiling, keep on watching and waiting eagerly for the One Direction members to step on stage and take all our breaths away, I kept on keeping calm, I kept on smiling, and chatting with EM. EM is full of excitement and happiness and none stop chatter to but despite that we were the most contained there.


All the girls go silent as we listen to a broadcast by some of the security officers.

“Good Morning One Direction fans” says one of the officers.

“Heya” yells a girl somewhere in the front row, every girl then starts to begin to chatter all over again, much louder, then before.  EM and I still chatter between ourselves but we don’t make half as much noise as all the other girls around us do.

“Please” says the officer, the voice booming, makes us all stop and look around

 “Can you all please calm down because this is an important announcement” the voice continues, All the girls hash up completely for the first time since we arrived

“One Direction have decided along with many of security staff, that this signing is to dangerous and to noisy, so its going to have to be called off, our assistance will show you all to the exit, please make your way out calmly please and thank you” Says the voice. No body moves, I can hear EM sigh, and look at her as she looks around, I look around myself, and all the fans are in shock. Not what any of us were expecting.


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