A Collection Dedicated To One Direction

This is some stuff I've written and is dedicated to One Direction! Its to short to be a story, and some of it is only a sentence or poem or so! So I've put it all together and in there is a mixture of things I've written for 1 D only, There is 1 short story, The meanings of there names and the band names and Poetry using parts of there songs, and the song names! I hope you enjoy this small collection I've put together! Leave a comment let me know! MJ


10. What Makes You Beautiful Poem

What makes you beautiful?

Is it the way you laugh or is the way you smile at me?

I have to say it’s the way when I hold you tightly in my arms and you say you love me!

I think is the way you make me feel so special, and treat me like I’m the only guy around!

And I think most of all its the way you don't know your beautiful, when you truly are!

I tried to tell you and let you know.

But you deny me, and say I'm wrong!

It aren’t true what your saying Love, you've got to stop and see for once.

That you absolutely beautiful even if you can't see it, I know you are! I can see it!

Stop denying it, stop telling me I'm wrong and haven't got it right.

Cause you beautiful,


That's what makes you beautiful!


And keeps me smiling each and every night!

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