A Collection Dedicated To One Direction

This is some stuff I've written and is dedicated to One Direction! Its to short to be a story, and some of it is only a sentence or poem or so! So I've put it all together and in there is a mixture of things I've written for 1 D only, There is 1 short story, The meanings of there names and the band names and Poetry using parts of there songs, and the song names! I hope you enjoy this small collection I've put together! Leave a comment let me know! MJ


9. Take Me Home Mini Story

Take Me Home



Lets Live While We’re Young, get in to some trouble have some fun, cause at the end of the day, I’ve got one very important thing to say, its all those Little Things I love about you! I love the way you Rock Me, hold me close, till me your secrets, make me Change My Mind.

I love it when I Kiss You. C’mon C’mon, I think to myself your giving me a Heart Attack, with your good looks, your beauty’s over whelming baby, truly amazing, truly it is.


If I ever went away, for a few days, and found myself falling, falling in love, a Summer Love, I Would be Back For You. Cause They Don’t Know About Us, my love for you, is so strong so tough, I could be away for ages, weeks even no summer love would take my heart away from you, I’m so deeply in love. I’d be like Take Me Home, take me home now, I couldn’t be without you for then a moment, cause I’m so in love with you, your quirks, your looks, your voice, man you’ve hooked, me. I tell my friends about you, I say She’s Not Afraid, of anything but falling in love! I know you fight it, try to deny it, tell your friends no, no were are not together, but I know we are, you know it to, you do truly you do.


Remember our Last First Kiss, wasn’t it sweet? Wasn’t it neat? I thought it was beautiful, wouldn’t dream bout it with anybody but you.


The Songs Used:

Take Me Home ~ Album Title

Live While We’re Young

Little Things

Rock Me

Kiss You

Last First Kiss

Change My Mind

Summer Love

They Don’t Know About Us

Heart Attack

C’mon C’mon

I Would

Back For You

Over Again

She’s Not Afraid



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