A Collection Dedicated To One Direction

This is some stuff I've written and is dedicated to One Direction! Its to short to be a story, and some of it is only a sentence or poem or so! So I've put it all together and in there is a mixture of things I've written for 1 D only, There is 1 short story, The meanings of there names and the band names and Poetry using parts of there songs, and the song names! I hope you enjoy this small collection I've put together! Leave a comment let me know! MJ


3. Liam Poem

Oh Liam,

Liam Payne,

The opposite, the best of a pain!

Amazing you are,

You truly are,

Your brilliant, your voice,

The most brilliant thing of em all!

Give me such a thrill,

A smile spreads across my face,

I’d just love to be,

Mrs Payne,

How amazing would that be?

I’d love you not just cause of your money,

And not cause you’re the hottest guy in One Direction,

Man I caught that infection,


Super badly,

Looking at your poster on my wall,

Thinking about you,

Oh man, oh my,

What a beautiful guy,


Liam Payne,

Coolest voice,

Nicest sound,

Hottest, you the most hottest guy around!

Want you to see,

Want you to know,

That I am here,

Lets go somewhere to a far away land,

But I’m just a fan,

And you’re a rich famous amazing guy,

Oh Liam Payne,

You’re an amazing guy,

I shall keep on dreaming,

And will keep on pretending,

That you’re mine,

Although you’re across the many seas! 


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