A Collection Dedicated To One Direction

This is some stuff I've written and is dedicated to One Direction! Its to short to be a story, and some of it is only a sentence or poem or so! So I've put it all together and in there is a mixture of things I've written for 1 D only, There is 1 short story, The meanings of there names and the band names and Poetry using parts of there songs, and the song names! I hope you enjoy this small collection I've put together! Leave a comment let me know! MJ


2. Harry Poem


Harry, Harry the curls,

Harry the flirty grins, the smiles,

Melts my heart,

And that’s just the start,

Wish I were with you Harry,

Don’t we all?

I bet we would have a ball,

You got the sweetest voice,

Your flirty looks hook every girl,

You hooked my heart Harry,

Don’t care bout the rumours,

It’s you,

Oh Harry you make my heart beat a little bit quicker,

You make me move a bit faster,

Wish you knew this,

Wish you knew you did this to me!

Oh Harry,

Can you imagine it?


I could be your girl,

Oh Harry,

We could be so happy,

Wish you saw me more then as a fan!

You’re imprinted in my heart,

On my wall,

On my everything.

Oh Harry Styles

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