Adopted By Haylor (Taylor Swift & Harry Styles) Bk1 #FanficEntry

A baby named Kira is eight days old, with a Mum who doesn’t want her, a dad who couldn’t be found, and a family that couldn’t care. Taylor Swift is a solo pop artist. Harry Styles is a member of world wide pop band One Direction. Taylor and Harry fell out of love, Kira needs a Mum, Kira needs a Dad. So their producers force Taylor and Harry back together. And hand them Kira. What happens when Taylor doesn’t love Harry, Harry doesn’t love Taylor? But they both want to help and love Kira! Adopted By Haylor, a nightmare? Or a blessing?


10. The Question That Wrecked It *Edited*

(Continuation of scene from last chapter)
Harry’s POV:
I text Louis my only means of support at the moment, I find myself thinking.
Lou mate, parenting isn’t easy, Darcy crying is ringing in my ears, I upset Taylor its falling apart I text him.
1 new text message
From: Lou
 Haz, I don’t know what you’re going through but if you ever need a break EL and I would love to babysit if that would help.
I text back It might just be the break we need thanks Lou I'll let you know if it calms down.
1 new text message
From Lou
The managers have scheduled a meeting; all of us have to be there, including you, Taylor and Darcy.
I text back, Why?
1 new text message
From: Lou
I’m unsure but its very important they need you there, actually they demand that you be there
I text back Well I’ll be there
1 new text message
From: Lou
Okay see u then or before, take care Haz
I text back You 2 Lou thanks 4 everything
1 new text message
From: Taylor Swift
Haz, I’m so sorry, the baby, Mummy thing is getting to me, please come back, I cooked dinner, and Darcy stopped crying
I text back I’m sorry 2 Taylor, I’ll be right there, looking forward to dinner, and having a non crying baby!

We patched things up during dinner, I took back my words and Taylor took back her words, and apologized for cracking. All was well again.
That night, I open my laptop, and go on to Twitter and Facebook.
I post a new Tweet saying the following: I never thought being a Dad would be so hard, it's tough stuff, I love Darcy, but I feel like she’s splitting @TaylorSwift and I up, its not her fault of course she has needs. I love her and Taylor with all my heart, and you know that’s true cause I’ve never publicly told anyone I love them with all my heart, apart from my fans
The moment I post it I get responses back.
Hang in there u have all the support you need from us, your mates Louis, Niall, Zayn and Liam #OneDirection
The baby isn’t yours, your love life is more important go for ur love life instead
Keep working with her Darcy is sweet and so are Haylor and Tarry u rock go guys
That baby is a waste of your time, Taylor needs the support, and you should be supporting her… if u still love her that is
You can’t give up on Darcy, she needs your support, she’s been abandon once, she’ll be worth it, and Taylor and you just gotta pull through it you will I know it
I sigh, their right; the people that say we have to stick it through are right. I log on to Facebook, and upload a photo of me holding Darcy. Tomorrow we are having our first public interview, and then Darcy, Taylor and I are going to a photo shoot. And then for the rest of the afternoon it’s our afternoon, since it will be Darcy’s second time away from the house. I was thinking of taking her to the park. And Taylor and I could have a romantic stroll together or something to show her how I feel.
Next Day Public Interview ~
The interviewer is a young girl; she looks 24 or 20 something. I eye her up and down, she doesn’t notice I’m thankful, I realize I still have my old ways with me. Darcy is being bounced up and down by Taylor, and Taylor is talking softly to her. We get seated; the interviewer sits down, and pulls out her notebook.
 She looks at me, “Harry Styles?” She asks.
“That’ll be me.” I say and try my hardest not be a flirt, like she doesn't know who I am.
“Taylor Swift?” she asks Taylor.
“Yes, that’s me.” She says, I see Taylor is following suit.
The interviewer smiles, “You make a great family.” she says, and turns her attention to the notebook in her hand.
Light’s camera action ~ We’re On
“It is such a pleasure to have you with us.” The interviewer begins.  She folds her legs.
“I am Mary Stewart, and we warmly welcome you to the UK studio’s Taylor Swift and Harry Styles.”
“Taylor, who do you have there?” She asks with interest.
Taylor looks up, smiling “Darcy-Taylor” she replies.
“Oh she’s a beauty,” Mary says “You must be delighted, both of you must be so happy.”
Taylor smiles gently. “We are very happy.”
“Harry, for a flirt you’ve settled quickly, how has Darcy changed your life?” She asks turning her attention to me.
I straighten up a bit in my seat I concentrate on Darcy. “Darcy has been a blessing, and I know now, if I was to settle with anyone it would have to be with Taylor, if that’s what she wants.” I told the interviewer.
Mary smiles her eyes go to the notebook briefly, she again looks up. “She’s been in your care for a little over one week, how long are you going to be having her?” she asks us both.
“I hope to have her forever.” Taylor says with a big smile, she rocks Darcy, looks at me, and hands Darcy over for me to hold.
“You seem to be working well together, I bet no one really expected this little stunt would bring you closer together.” Mary says, I look at her. But my focus rest on Darcy.
“It hasn’t been easy.” I laugh my eyes never leaving Darcy as she moves, I am so obsessed with that baby.
“You can say that again Haz.” Taylor says nudging me with her elbow.
“Can I?” I grin my eyes flicker to hers, to see her blush at me.
“So tell me about the five rules you have to follow, have you followed them all?” Mary asks.
“Rule one that’s a good one how’s that going.” she asks. I find myself grinning.
“Tempting.” I say with a grin at Taylor.
“Oh please.” Taylor's says her hand brushing my arm.
“OH,  I see strong desire Styles.” Mary says “And how about rule two?”
“That’s been a struggle but pretty good.” Taylor answers.
“Is that so, well you’ve been splendid parents so far so it seems, rule 3 how did that go?” Mary asks. She taps her notebook with a pen.
“We have been caring and looking after her the best we can with the funds we have been supplied.” I say and look Darcy in the eyes, her hand reaches for my face, her fingers outstretched. I smile.
“Rule four, that’s a simple one unless you go shopping for other items.” Mary says
“Oh no rule four has been followed although we are yet to go shopping for more things for Darcy.” Taylor tells her.
“Rule five, that’s a tough one right, have you been in contact with anyone from her family?” Mary asks us.
“No.” I say taking my eyes from Darcy’s.
“No way.” Taylor says.
“Its been amazing interviewing you, I’m sure most of your fans would love to met Darcy she's a pure delight.” She tells us.
“Oh wait one more question for you both” she says to us.
I shift Darcy in my arms a bit.
I watch her swallow, “How would you feel when you give Darcy back to her family?” she asks in a shaky voice.
“Wait what did you ask?” I say to her, I shake my head; surely that’s not what she said. I say to myself.
“Yes did I hear that right?” Taylor asks her.
“Yes that’s what it has here how would you feel when you give Darcy back to her family?” The interviewer explains.
I swallow, Taylor gulps, and we turn out to be wordless, and silent. 
We didn’t not expect that question obviously, and the interviewer seemed like she didn’t expect it either, Darcy doesn't have family that is why we have her isn't it?
“That’s all we have time for.” Mary says quickly “Thanks for bringing Darcy in guys.”
The camera’s switch off, the set is quiet. So are the audience. So are we.
“I thought we had the option of adopting Darcy, I thought we would always have Darcy, no one mentioned her family thats why she is in our care, she doesn't have family.” I say to interviewer, she doesn’t say anything at all. She looks down at the floor. Taylor takes Darcy from my trembling hands. I look Darcy in the face, and I think how could I ever hand her back now? Why did they lie to us? Was everyone in on this stunt?
Taylor’s POV:
That last question knocks me around. Give Darcy back? But I’m so attached, she’s a blessing. She’s helped me see that settling down could mean getting her and getting Harry. I couldn’t hand her back now. We were given the option of having her in our lives forever, and I’m willing to give up some of my music career for her. I would, cause I’ve grown to love her, anyway she doesn't have family, no one to care for her, a Mum who doesn't want her a father that can't be found. Did they lie to us?
I kiss Darcy softly, and my tears fall onto her clothes. I beg that I don’t have to hand her back. They can’t do this to us. They promised us. Does this mean all this is a lie, everything that happened? 
A/N: Can u believe that? Hand Darcy back! If u were Taylor or Harry could you hand Darcy back?
I personally love writing this story, but now its time for some action!
Please enjoy it,
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