Adopted By Haylor (Taylor Swift & Harry Styles) Bk1 #FanficEntry

A baby named Kira is eight days old, with a Mum who doesn’t want her, a dad who couldn’t be found, and a family that couldn’t care. Taylor Swift is a solo pop artist. Harry Styles is a member of world wide pop band One Direction. Taylor and Harry fell out of love, Kira needs a Mum, Kira needs a Dad. So their producers force Taylor and Harry back together. And hand them Kira. What happens when Taylor doesn’t love Harry, Harry doesn’t love Taylor? But they both want to help and love Kira! Adopted By Haylor, a nightmare? Or a blessing?


12. Taken *Edited*

Taylor’s POV:
I enjoyed my last four to five days of being Darcy’s Mum, I would never forget this experience, I knew I wouldn't have any other choice but to give her to the social worker when she arrived, but that doesn't mean I wouldn't fight. I took her shopping with me, I sang her my songs, I played my guitar and let her see photos of me. I didn’t want to let her go yet, and Harry and I had talked about ways to keep her. We considered running away, or lying like the managers had to. But none of our plans seemed liked they’d be worth it, none of them seemed like they would work.
We had to admit it we had no control over Darcy, we had no say, if we were her legally adopted parents we would have. We were controlled by our manager’s choices. If we agreed or not, I would never look at my manager again the same after this day.
The day came, a knock on the door. It made me cry, normally I am not emotional, but the whole situation was making me emotional. I held Darcy in my arms, and I opened the door to Darcy's social worker Kate. Harry was by my side, Darcy’s social worker stood in front of us, she looked close to tears too, I believed everyone was in on the lie, but her face told me she was genuine, this was news to her too, and it hurt her as well.
“I’m so sorry.” she says, and her hand reaches for mine. “I wasn’t in on this at all, I was lead to believe that Darcy would be able to be in your care for as long as you wanted, they told me she was a foster child up for adoption and I needed to assign her to a home and then your managers turned up, promising her a home.”
“Yes they really fooled everybody.” Harry says “but we are willing to fight for her.”
“And so are her real family, I know them personally believe it or not, I was shocked they wanted to give up their daughter, but they are in financial difficulty.” She says in a sigh. “You fitted so well, you seemed all so happy together I really thought Darcy belonged, and that I had done a good job assigning her to a caring home.”
“We were a perfect fit.” I say and wipe tears away from my cheeks.
“I know Love, but this was an order, I was sent around to pick Darcy up, and bring her back to her parents, really they are nice people just desperate for money.” she says.
“Will we get to ever see her again?” Harry asks, his hand on my shoulder trying to comfort me,
“I can’t say.” She replies “I wish it wasn’t like this.” She reaches for Darcy, and I pull Darcy back a bit.
“I haven’t said goodbye.” I say to Kate. “I may never be ready to say goodbye.” She nods at me slowly and sadly. I lock my eyes on Darcy’s eyes and I begin to cry, her tiny fingers reach for me, and I kiss her cheek gently, and whisper I love her in her ear.
I hand her on to Harry, and step back to get her things. My heart feels like its with Darcy, it will always be with her.
Harry’s POV:

(The tearful goodbye)
I cry soft tears, I look at her, and I think I’ll never see you again, I know I’ll fight for you, we both will. But that doesn’t mean we will get you back. These two weeks have opened my world, and Darcy has been the light of it. I kiss her on the cheek and hold her close to me, chest. “I love you baby girl.” I say, Taylor is by my side with a little bag of her things. The social worker stretches her arms out, and I hand Darcy over.
Handing her over feels like handing a bit of myself over to. The social worker smiles gently, and reaches for the bag, Taylor hands it to her and then that’s it, the social worker turns away and then Darcy is gone in a matter of moments. Sadly I steer Taylor back inside and shut the front door, it doesn't feel the same, nothing ever will.
We sit down, and the moment we do, Taylor cries. “Oh Haz.” She sobs. “It isn’t fair, how could they do this to us not her parents, but our managers”
I go to the draw and get the fifteen snap shots of us, I hand them to Taylor “We were so happy.” she say’s looking at them. “We were so perfect so right for each other.”
I move beside her and rest my hands on hers, I wipe my eyes of my own tears, “I know Taylor, and we will fight for her though.”
“Harry if Darcy is happy, we shouldn’t intervene I don’t agree with her going back, and I don’t like it, but Darcy has been through enough if she’s happy, I want the best for her, even if it isn’t with us do you agree?” she asks me, her blue eyes rest on mine.
“I agree Taylor but I want to fight for her, I want her parents to tell  us she’s happy, I’m not going to sit back and take it from the managers I want to fight against them, they need to know what they do effects us.”
Taylor nods “I’m determined to fight against them too.” she says, and I hug her tightly.
I feel like I’ve lost a chunk of me, and I know Taylor feels the same way. Darcy pulled us together, she was sort of a foundation you know, without her I might not have seen Taylor the way I do now, I sure hadn’t considered it after the breakup. And maybe Taylor feels that. I hope she does.
After a while I leave Taylor to look at the photos and I trail off to write something for Darcy.
Taken ~ Poem
Blue eyes, blonde hair,
You were here,
Now you’re taken,
My heart is with you,
Deep in my heart you lie,
I did get to say goodbye,
But I didn’t want to,
Taken against our wishes,
You were a light in my life,
Opened my eyes up wide,
Brought joy to my heart, to my life,
Taken and gone away now,
Back to your family,
Who lied to us that day,
Saying they didn’t love you,
They didn’t need you or want you,
Scared is our heart now, scared is our lives,
We did get to say goodbye,
But we didn’t want to,
Blue eyes, blonde hair,
Wish you weren’t taken,
Wish you were here.
That is when crack it, and really do cry. “Darcy...” I say out loud. “Why Darcy, why did they have to take you away from us?” I sob and cry, and just look at the poem over and over again, reading it out loud. Hoping, wishing that Darcy were with us. With me right now.
Taylor’s POV:
I gave Darcy my teddy Peekyboo, I knew how much Peekyboo meant to her, cause she meant the same to me when I was younger. I loved PeekaBoo, I use to bite her ear just like Darcy did. Looking through the happy snaps, I felt numb, I felt uneasy. Darcy had taken a piece of my heart with her. And now she had gone back to her cold family that didn’t seem to want her at the start of her life. I can’t believe they would do that.
I think I could start crying 2. I can’t help it this story is so sweet. But so sad, how dare they take Darcy! Those rude people, they didn’t even want her at the start, but I understand the reason why they let her go as well, money makes the world go round. Fight for her Taylor and Harry! I’ll be a fan right behind you get her back if you love her 4 real show it.
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