Adopted By Haylor (Taylor Swift & Harry Styles) Bk1 #FanficEntry

A baby named Kira is eight days old, with a Mum who doesn’t want her, a dad who couldn’t be found, and a family that couldn’t care. Taylor Swift is a solo pop artist. Harry Styles is a member of world wide pop band One Direction. Taylor and Harry fell out of love, Kira needs a Mum, Kira needs a Dad. So their producers force Taylor and Harry back together. And hand them Kira. What happens when Taylor doesn’t love Harry, Harry doesn’t love Taylor? But they both want to help and love Kira! Adopted By Haylor, a nightmare? Or a blessing?


2. Rules *Edited*


Taylor’s POV:

(In Harry's Managers Office)
I steal a glance at Harry as we make our way to his manager’s office. I have to live in a house with him, pretend ShyKira is my daughter and that he’s her father. I mean... didn’t I pick a bad guy to have to do this with? I can’t believe I dated him! I can’t believe this happening to me!

“We have the following rules.” My manager looks at me, I shiver she’s tough on rules.
“The following are put in place for your safety, his safety and her safety.” She says I roll my eyes at her annoyed with the whole situation “Its my safety Harry’s safety and Kira’s safety.” Why can't she just acknowledge that?
“Whatever.” she looks annoyed at me, I should not have interrupted  "Just follow the rules.” I swallow and wait for her to continue on.
“Rule 1 ~ You must sleep in separate beds in separate rooms do you agree?”
“Yes.” I reply
“Alright.” Harry says.
“Rule 2 ~ You must act like a happy couple at all times, no arguing no swearing, no fighting, simply get along do you agree?”
“Guess so.” I say.
“Yes.” Harry says.
“Rule 3 ~ Kira must be looked after and loved, do you agree?”
“Of course.” I say.
“I’ll try my best.” Harry says.
“Rule 4 ~ You will be given a budget every week, this is not for you but for Kira and her health and well being, do you agree?”
“Yes.” I say
“That’s reasonable.” says Harry.
“Rule 5 ~ You are not allowed to have any contact with her family, not that she has any really. You are now her legal parents, and cannot contact her family, do you agree?”
“That’s a tough one but yes.” I say.
“Yes, I agree.” Harry says.
“Okay then you have a few hours to prepare, here are the keys to both the house and the car” she looks at me as she hands them to me. Probably wondering if I am going to be a good mum or not.
“I’d like to change ShyKira’s name” Harry says, I turn to look at him
“To what?” I ask.
“Darcy~Taylor Styles.” he answers.
I look at him and give him an expression, an are you series expression.
“Can we do that?” he asks my manager.
“Well she’s your daughter now, I mean if Taylor agrees, of course you can.” My manager answers.
“Would that be okay with you?” Harry asks. His brown eyes rest on mine.
“I think that will be fine.” I answer. Without properly, thinking about it.


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