Adopted By Haylor (Taylor Swift & Harry Styles) Bk1 #FanficEntry

A baby named Kira is eight days old, with a Mum who doesn’t want her, a dad who couldn’t be found, and a family that couldn’t care. Taylor Swift is a solo pop artist. Harry Styles is a member of world wide pop band One Direction. Taylor and Harry fell out of love, Kira needs a Mum, Kira needs a Dad. So their producers force Taylor and Harry back together. And hand them Kira. What happens when Taylor doesn’t love Harry, Harry doesn’t love Taylor? But they both want to help and love Kira! Adopted By Haylor, a nightmare? Or a blessing?


8. Interview *Edited*

A Week Later ~
Taylor's POV:
After having Darcy for one week, I was deeply in love with her. I was also getting familiar with the routine of having her in my life. In the one week we had her I seemed to be getting sucked right back into Harry, and he was getting sucked into me, as in lovey dovey all that stuff. I didn’t plan to get re attracted to Harry, I didn’t want to be attracted to him again, and I didn’t expect to find feelings for him either. I was willing to resist him, resist his flirty ways, his flirty looks, and I knew he wanted to resist me to. Settling down wasn’t really on my cards or to do list. But being handed Darcy, I couldn’t help wanting to become a Mum, I couldn’t help wanting to be with someone who I loved, instead of running off and going with someone else who I didn't love at all, none of the guys I was with I actually loved I had been through a list which the media thrived on and the gossip magazines shared world wide. I've dated to date Joe Jonas, Taylor Launter, John Mayer, Jake Gyllenhaal, Conor Kennedy and Harry Styles. Yes since Harry I have not dated. I went on tour with Ed Sheeran who Harry thought I liked as he would speak ofter about. But forgetting all that, what I felt now was for the first time in my life I felt like I needed and wanted to settle down permanently this time, and surprisingly I wanted to settle with Harry. I wanted to settle with Darcy in my life and because of Darcy.
Darcy’s social worker came around to see us, check up on her progress and do a general check of the overall state of our relationship for the media possibly..
“How is ShyKira?” She asked, settling herself on the sofa in front of us.
Darcy rested up stairs in her cot. My mind wandered to her sweet face, and small breathes as she rested.
“It's Darcy.” Harry corrected gently “And she’s such a sweet baby girl, doing so well”
“Oh right, yes, Darcy.” she said she looked at me directly “How are you two coping together, it must be hard I've seen some media coverage?”
I swallowed a lump in my throat “I love being her Mum, I don't mind working with Harry so much, last week it was a total shock to the system and some getting use to but now, well its different.” I reply and fold my legs over.
Harry looks into my face before answering, “Darcy has lit up my life.” When he says it I know he means I have to, but he is being discreet not letting the media in on much.
“In two months from now,” the social worker says to us “You can decide to keep Darcy, and make her your real daughter forever, but that will require huge amounts of commitment and also between you two as well, a major commitment.”
I swallow “Like?” I ask.
“Like marriage, Taylor.” she answers, Harry wiggles uncomfortably, and then I find myself questioning whether I‘d even consider marrying Harry, or Harry marrying me.
“That’s a big step in two months.” He tells the social worker. “Darcy will be a life commitment and marriage is too.”
The social worker nods, and looks in her folder “I need you two to answer some questions.” She opens the folder and scans over her notes. I take that time to look Harry in the eyes. Can he read my eyes? Can he see how scared I really am? Does he care? He takes my hand in his and stares right back at me, holding my stare with an easy smile. That simple gesture gives me the strength I need to straighter up on the couch. I never imagined he would be the one who I’d linger for his touch and comfort in these times. 
“Okay Taylor.” The social worker looks at me holding Harry’s hands and says nothing at all.
“How do you feel about being Darcy’s Mum?” She asks, I swallow again, and look out the window, the sun is bright, and that is unusual for the UK, the sky is a lovely blue. I want to respond well to the question, I need to respond and say how I really feel in a single sentence. I swallow and take a breath and answer “Being Darcy’s mum has given me pure delight as well as pure happiness. I’ve never imagined anything like this before.”
The social worker writes this down, and then turns to Harry for his response.
“Harry, how does it feel to become a Father?” she asks,
“I’m enjoying it, I never thought of kids, I thought of girls and women, but that little girl, has made my life beautiful, made me see things differently.” He says smoothly in a calm, clear voice.
The questions continue for a bit and then the social worker leaves us. I breathe a sigh of relief; I cannot believe that we have to go through that each week, for the two month period but I guess I will learn to manage.
I warm a bottle of milk for Darcy, and Harry follows me up the stairs. “That went well.” he comments, I don’t say a thing.
When we arrive in Darcy’s room, she’s holding Pickyboo and is nibbling the teddies ear, I smile, that’s exactly what I use to do. I don’t mention that to Harry. He watches me rock Darcy and feed her. He even assists to change her. I carry her down to the lounge room, and place her on the carpet, along with a few books and toys after she is dressed and changed.
“EL loves Darcy.” I tell him. I don’t know why I tell him that.
“And don’t worry, Louis does too.” Harry adds in, and waves a book in Darcy’s face as a gesture of play. “Read it to her.” I say watching both together is pure bliss in my heart, they are so perfect and cute together.
The washing machine beeper goes off, so I go and hang up the load, my mind continually thinking about our future.
While I do so. I wonder how it all got to this. How Darcy came into our lives, and shook our world tip to toe, and how we both work so well together and have made a situation I thought would fail, into something beautiful and precious, a memory I am sure we will look back at and smile, I bet the media would be either their words.
Harry’s POV:
“Darcy, want me to read this?” I ask in my sweet gentle tone, she reaches for my hand, and her little hand rests on my hand, and I swear I’m inches from tears! I open the book to stop myself from misting over. “Once a upon a time a little girl named Daisy, and her little doggy Candy went out for a walk in the woods. Daisy picked her Mum some flowers, and Candy followed Daisy close behind, Candy's Mum was delighted with the flower and placed them in a vase, then Candy and her Mum ate buttered scones with jam.” Darcy’s blue eyes sparkled at me. I closed the book, and picked up a little rattle and shook it for her, Darcy reached for it, and I let her hold grip onto it. She wiggled and kicked and never took her eyes of me.
Becoming a Dad to Darcy wasn’t a plan I realised; it was more a dream or imagination, or thought in my mind. I never thought it would be a reality, and I never thought it would be with someone like Taylor! After a while I picked Darcy up and I kissed her sweetly on the forehead. I rocked her in my arms till she fell asleep. Her blue eyes closed shut and I breathed in her heavenly scent of baby powder. I couldn’t help feeling tired as well. The past seven days were amazing, but the nights, they were always long, with Darcy crying every two hours and needing attention. Taylor and I would take turns to attend to her. But most of our night was taken up by that, or laying awake waiting for her tearful moments to begin or end, which they never seemed to.
I can’t say I minded, it was just the less sleep I had the move groggy and annoyed I was. I thought about my music career I thought about where it would go since Darcy was in my life, and was making her life my life, so to speak.
I wonder if I could balance my love life, my family life and my  music career all those things were important to me. It didn’t seem possible. But things that didn’t seem possible were coming possible I told myself not to worry it would all roll out and make sense eventually.

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