Adopted By Haylor (Taylor Swift & Harry Styles) Bk1 #FanficEntry

A baby named Kira is eight days old, with a Mum who doesn’t want her, a dad who couldn’t be found, and a family that couldn’t care. Taylor Swift is a solo pop artist. Harry Styles is a member of world wide pop band One Direction. Taylor and Harry fell out of love, Kira needs a Mum, Kira needs a Dad. So their producers force Taylor and Harry back together. And hand them Kira. What happens when Taylor doesn’t love Harry, Harry doesn’t love Taylor? But they both want to help and love Kira! Adopted By Haylor, a nightmare? Or a blessing?


6. Feelings Unspoken *Edited*

Harry’s POV:
How about it? How about falling for a girl that broke your heart? Not a good idea. really is it. Well it’s too late to answer that seriously to late. Looking at Taylor I know that I’m falling for her all over again, out with that conversation we had when we broke up that being apart was best.  I don’t know if she feels the same way about me. But I feel things for her, things I never thought I'd feel again. I felt them when I was with her, when we could separate our differences and try to see eye to eye for a tiny while.
“Can you get Darcy for me?” she asks, and her voice is so cute, I just stand there without moving, looking at her, like a mesmerized robot.
“Darcy?” she asks again and I snap to attention, like a soldier out of trance. I rush up the stairs, with a spring in my step I've never been so joyful. I yawn in a tiresome manner and reach Darcy’s roomI open the curtains and reach into her cot to see her wide awake, eyes staring upwards, mouth in a smile.
“Hi sweetheart.” I say to her, she wiggles around kicking her feet, and moving her arms, and her eyes open up wider as I pick her up.
She smiles at me, I didn’t’ know a baby could be so happy. “You’re a sweet baby.” I say, and carry her down the stairs in my arms.
Taylor sees me and she hands me a bottle of milk. I look at her with the same confused looks as yesterday, but I know it won't work again. She ignores me, I guess she thinks I have got to learn as well.  I sit down and I feed Darcy. She sucks happily on the warm bottle, blue eyes wide and happy. Taylor sits down for breakfast and I look at her, mesmerized again.
“What?” she asks me.
“Nothing.” I reply and look away, I turn my attention back to Darcy. And try to forget my thoughts.
“Can you change her?” Taylor asks after breakfast.
“Like I know how to do that.” I say with a roll of my eyes, I swallow the lasts bits of my breakfast.
“Here.” she holds out her hands for her.
“Teach me.” I say she looks at me with a look on her face that reads really?
“Are you sure?” she asks doubtfully.
“Yes, of course.” I say “I’ve got to learn too.”
We go up the stairs together. Taylor takes charge. Seeing her take charge is interesting. When we were together when we dated it was a battle between us. Who could do what better? Who could be in charge more? It was a constant strain. Both our characters pushing as apart but pulling us together at the same time, I can't properly explain it. Obviously the force was too great and we split apart down the middle. I shake the sour memories from my thoughts, I need to concentrate on here and now.
“Towel.” she calls to me from the laundry. I tug the towel out of the cupboard. And tell myself to stop thinking of the thoughts in my mind.
I make my way to the bathroom. Taylor has everything we need set out.
She runs some water to fill the blue baby bath we are going to use to wash Darcy.
“Feel this.” Taylor says, and splashes water at me.
“Hey” I protest as the water splashes onto my face, I shield myself with the towel from the rest of her attack.
“Done?” I ask her in a quiet but happy tone.
“Maybe.” she says, I hear the tap turn off, I sigh and I move the towel away from my face.
A smile on her face spreads across her lips, I missed that happy smile I find myself admitting. I find myself missing the way we use to be, the way we use to hang around.
Taylor teaches me how to wash Darcy. I have never ever washed a baby before. I have never done a lot of these things I am doing with Darcy ever before. I have never ever held a baby before. Apart from Lux our stylist baby, but this doesn’t seem the same to me, at all. I can’t compare it to this one bit.
I glance at Taylor as she washes Darcy’s small body. I feel like kissing her, Taylor not Darcy. I don’t know why I feel like that, I feel like hugging her to. I feel like I want her back. I tell myself not to be stupid. We broke each other’s hearts. Surely we can never have feelings again.
I assist in drying Darcy. Taylor's wet hands rest on mine before she flinches back a bit. I smile at her fast movement  and the look that spreads across her eyes and her face, sort of ghostly, shaken, unsure.
“So…sorry.” she stammered, she avoids looking at me.
“Don’t be.” I say to her, and I mean it.
I help ed dress Darcy as well. I have never dressed a baby. Taylor seems like an expert, being gentle talking to Darcy in a sweet tone. I have never seen this sweet side of Taylor, I have to admit I like that side of her. She seems so relaxed so easy to work with and to talk to.
“You’re a good teacher.” I comment to her softly.
“Thanks Haz.” She says, and she blushes at me, her cheeks go slight pink. She has never used my nickname so sweet before in the whole time we dated.
“Its true Taya.” I say. We both look away from each other, and look at Darcy who is smiling, blue eyes locked on ours.
I think about telling Taylor how I feel about her and asking her if she feels a bit of the same way I do. I don’t know if its possible to get feelings back for someone you once had feelings for. I fall deeper into my thoughts, and try once again to suppress them inside.
Then the doorbell rings downstairs wrecking my dreams, my thoughts and my plans all together.
I rush down the stairs and open the door, drying my hands on my clothes as I go.
I open the door and there stands Liam, Louis, Niall and Zayn, along with some of their girlfriends they gather in the lounge room as I gesture them all in.
“Hi Haz how’s the baby?” Zayn asks arm draped around Perrie, who’s smiling.
“She’s great.” I reply, and I realize I’m going great too and so is Taylor. Is that all I can think about? I scold myself.
Then Taylor comes down the stairs with Darcy in her arms. And everybody gets to their feet, eager to meet her, and see her.
“Everyone.” I say. “This is Darcy~Taylor Styles.” Taylor hands Darcy to me, and I hand her to Eleanor, Louis long term girlfriend. EL looks at her closely and Louis is locked onto looking her in the face.
“Oh Lou” EL says, “She’s wonderful, Haz she’s just beautiful”
I nod at her.
EL holds her for ages, before handing her to Perrie and Zayn, they do much the same thing, and hold her for ages, looking her in the eyes, commenting on some of her features.
Liam didn’t really want to hold her very much, I guess he was not over Danielle yet but I guess that was just something he'd have to work through. Niall wanted to hold her. he seemed locked on her to her as well, she had everyone mesmerized. I start to wonder if Darcy has the magic like a special magic about her. I don’t know what type and I don’t know if she does have it but everyone was extremely fascinated by her.
Liam’s POV:
I have never ever seen Harry so dazzled. His eyes are glazed over. His thoughts were locked on Darcy but his eyes were on Taylor continually. It was nagging at me to find out what was going through his mind. I had a bit of an idea. But I think he needed to actually say it someone.
I tugged him away. He seemed nervous as I did so. It confirmed to me some of what I was thinking about him, he was again in love.
Harry’s POV:
Liam pulls me outside after a while. And I feel wrong leaving Taylor and Darcy alone, I feel I should be next to them both, near them, so that I am able to guard them and watch over them. I’ve never felt like this before maybe I’m really losing it in my head.
“What’s with you mate your eyes are glazed over?” Liam asks me.
“Nothing...nothing.” I stated, avoiding his gaze. I know he knows.
“Don’t kid me mate.” Liam says a smile crossing his face, I force my eyes to look at him “You're falling for Taylor again aren't you, don't by shy just admit it.”
I suck in a breath, his words sinking deeper inside me, surely that’s not true I tell myself. “I’m not, I’m just wrapped about Darcy.” I lie to him.
“Sure.” Liam says and strolls around in front of me, his annoyance shows through his actions.
“You haven’t let her go have you? What about your model girlfriend?” he asks me stopping to stand in front of me.
“She’s, she wanted to see me.” I admit to him. Why is he doing this to me? I find myself wondering.
“Well did you see her?” He asks, his eyes look right into mine, drawing an answer out of me.
“No… I couldn’t pull myself away… from Taylor or Darcy” I admit to him. I let my head hang in shame, I feel like I should have seen her now he mentions it.
“There you have it, you're settling down now” He shoves me in the ribs playfully. Waking me up from the thoughts I’m having.
“Maybe.” I say carefully I find myself scared to admit it to him, or myself. “I don’t know if Taylor wants the same things though, she’s been through guys like she drinks water.”
Liam looks at me, his eyes forcing me to look at him “You haven’t told her have you mate?” he asks.
I shake my head at him, and stare to the ground.
“You’ve left your feelings unspoken to her, how about EL and Lou take Darcy for a few hours and you can speak to her?” he suggest.
I look at him “I’ll ask Taylor, about that.”
We go back inside, together. I search the lounge room for Taylor. Her eyes find mine, and I gesture to her to come over to me.
She looks at Darcy and gives me a look. I nod to her encouragingly and I open the kitchen door as we both step inside.
Taylor's POV:
“Are you crazy Harry?” I ask in a whisper in the kitchen.  I lean against the bench to support my weight; my eyes feel heavy and tired with sleep.
“No, of course not.” he says to me the look in his eyes confirms it “I just need to talk to you.”
“Why can’t you talk with Darcy around?” I ask him.
“Cause its not about her, its about us.” He states. I find my eyes traveling to his; I wonder what the talk could be about. Surely he doesn’t want to give up yet, we haven't given this a fair go yet.
I take a step back a bit “Okay.” I finally admit, my eyes travel to the floor. Cheeks blushing pink, what is on his mind now?
Harry’s POV:
“Look after her.” I tell Louis and EL as they leave with Darcy in a baby pram.
“I’ll look after her like she’s mine.” Louis tells me. And I believe him.
“She’ll be fine Haz.” EL tells me, and I trust her as well..
Reluctantly though I close the door and turn to face Taylor's worried face.
“Taylor.” I say taking her soft hands into mine. Her eyes travel to mine and rest on mine for a short while, I know they are concerned, I know she's worried, I know on her mind is our breakup, I know we both tried to act mature as we tore each other apart, I know she regret things, and wonders things and questions her actions and mine..
I lead her to the lounge room and we sit down next to each other. I’ve told many girls I liked them, I asked many girls out, I've even broken many girls hearts. But this all seems different to me. Because this time I actually mean it, the other times I realize I didn’t actually mean it, I didn't mean I loved them I didn't really care for them, and I didn't care about breaking their hearts, this time with Taylor its different.
I look into the soft eyes of the girl who’s heart I broke, and who broke mine. I have never re visited a relationship before, never went back to a broken heart and tried to mend it. I find myself wondering who I’m trying to mend it for is it myself? Or is it for Darcy? Or is it for Taylor? I realize its for the both of us. Because I have re discovered feelings for her, and I wonder if she has to.
“Haz?” Taylor asks, my brown eyes travel to hers, they stay there for a while, I search for signs for the questions I have.
“I… just wanted to tell you...” I start to say. My heart picks up its pace. What if she doesn’t have the same feelings? My thoughts ask me. I shut my eyes. I tell myself it doesn’t matter she still needs to know, I want her to know how I feel about her.
“Taylor I still have feelings for you.” I blurt out to her, I look at her, she looks at me. I wonder if I made a big mistake though or done the best thing.
“I…I...” she begins; her eyes stop looking at mine and look to the floor.
My hearts sinks a bit, realizing she doesn’t feel the same about me.
“I… do to.” She says finally. I smile she smiles a small smile, a fragile smile but still a smile. I put my arms around her, happiness floods through me, relief as well. She’s discovered feelings for me to I realize, after everything we both are seeing each other very differently.
“What are you going to do?” she asks allowing me to wrap her in my arms.
“Simple.” I say “Kiss you.”
A smile spreads across her face.
“You wouldn’t.” She whispers.
“I would.” I say.
I look into her eyes I wonder if I should.
She nods and that’s all the approval I need.
I slowly put my lips to hers, and gently we kiss. It again is not like we use to kiss. It doesn’t have the same feelings or feel like before. I realize that maybe Darcy is the heart of this a tiny little baby, that was forced into our care. Who showed both of us sides we didn’t know existed. Now that surely has to be magic.

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