Adopted By Haylor (Taylor Swift & Harry Styles) Bk1 #FanficEntry

A baby named Kira is eight days old, with a Mum who doesn’t want her, a dad who couldn’t be found, and a family that couldn’t care. Taylor Swift is a solo pop artist. Harry Styles is a member of world wide pop band One Direction. Taylor and Harry fell out of love, Kira needs a Mum, Kira needs a Dad. So their producers force Taylor and Harry back together. And hand them Kira. What happens when Taylor doesn’t love Harry, Harry doesn’t love Taylor? But they both want to help and love Kira! Adopted By Haylor, a nightmare? Or a blessing?


3. Darcy~Taylor~Styles *Edited*

Harry’s POV:

(Out Baby Clothes Shopping)
“I can’t believe you did that.” Taylor says to me as we go shopping for tiny baby things. Not my kind of shopping.
“Do you really want to call her ShyKira?” I ask in disbelief, I blink at her, I have no intention to be sweet, I decide I have to take the get to the point approach, if I am to survive through this.
“I no… I don’t want to call her that. It’s just that you put my name on her name and Styles her last name. Is Styles...” She says to me. I pick up a tiny piece of clothing and shiver.
“You’re her mum aren’t you?” I ask her and put the clothing back on the rack.
“And you’re her father?” she asks and I shiver at the use of the expression.
“I guess I am, I’m not use to that that term yet,” I explain to her.
“And you think I am?” she asks her eyebrows lift up slightly, in a sweet kind of way with a cute look. Tell me that’s not her natural look, tell me that look want make me fall for her all over again. I shake the thought away.
“No.” I answer and try not to look at her in the face again.
“Well you’re right.” She says “What do you think?” she asks and holds up a cute little pink suit in front of my face.
“Fine I guess,” I admit I’m not really looking at it closely, to which she folds it up and puts back.
“I can’t believe this,” she says “I can’t believe I’m forced back with you.”
“I can’t believe it either, when I thought were never ever getting back together.” I state, she smiles and I know she’s thinking about the song she wrote about me when we broke up.
“Oh I begged to get back together with you.” she says sarcastically her eyes roll around,m seriously cute. 
“Lets not argue.” I say softly trying to avoid the whole break up heartbreak issue.
“Lets not” she agrees.
“You’re not into this type of shopping?” She enquires, as we walk down a few more aisles, packed with baby goodies. She holds up yet another piece of clothing in front of my face, asking for my approval.
“Nope.” I say to her. “Not manly enough for me.”
“Well what do you like to do then?” She asks.
“Freedom...” I say truthfully.
“Your swapping that for being a stay at home Daddy now.” she giggles, she seems so relaxed.
“You’re taking this easy.” I tell her.
“Take life as it comes.” she says smoothly.
“Well I do that, but it normally doesn’t turn out like this.” I say to her.
We leave the store with five pieces of clothing.
Taylor drives us back to our “Home” I can’t believe this. I have to pretend to be a Dad! I’m nineteen years old. Taylor is twenty-two its more likely she be a Mum! I’m not even ready to commit. Or to be a good role model, or settle down with anyone, let alone the girl who broke my heart. But I’m being forced to with a girl I broke up with thats the reality of the whole situation. Oh man! Stupid managers. All to have some publicity, I mean wow... This is harsh, couldn't they find another way?
When we arrive at home. A car is parked out the front in the driveway.
“She’s here.” Taylor says as we turn into the driveway, we drive the car into the garage.
“Its early.” I protest, clutching the bag of baby clothes tighter in my hands.
“To bad.” Taylor says “Come on let’s get in.”
We go inside, I sit down to get my head straight and Taylor does a few things around the house. The doorbell rings. I bang my head on the table in annoyance.
Happy couple I think. Taylor sees me sitting down still as she rushes through lounge room.
“Lets go.” She hisses, and I know she’s nervous, as nervous as I am. She takes my hand in hers and I shiver with the feeling of her skin against mine, I want her to let go. Happy family, love, and happy couple, flash through my mind as we open the door, a lady in a suit stands there in front of us both.
“I’m Kate, ShyKira’s social worker.” She says to both of us “I’m pleased to meet you both” she shakes our hands and gives us sweet smiles.
“This is such a special and important thing, to raise an unloved and unwanted child you a doing a great deed and you know that.”
“We will try our best.” I say, and I realize I’ve just made a pretty big promise; I squeeze Taylor's hand softly hoping for some help.
“She’s eight days old.” Explains the social worker, behind her is a pram she reaches into it, and hands Taylor a little baby. I look at her in Taylor’s arms she’s got delicate blonde hair and blue soft eyes. I smile; I look at Taylor and the baby.
“Darcy...” I say the baby wiggles a bit in Taylor’s arms. “She looks like you Taylor.” I say, Taylor looked at me, her eyes resting on mine.
“Right, sure.” She says she rolls her eyes at me.
“Darcy?” The social worker asks her eyebrows raised, her eyes scanning us over.
“We’ve renamed her.” I explain turning my attention back to the lady. “Darcy~Taylor Styles”
“That’s lovely, I hope she gets the love she needs, from you both, she had a bad start but this is a fresh beginning for her.” she says.
“I hope so.” Taylor says and looks deep into my eyes.
“She will.” I say. It feels like a promise from both of us as our eyes lock together.
“Best of luck to you both.” she says. 
“I will be back to review her progress every week.” she says.
“How long will we have Darcy?” I ask her before she turns to leave.
“Its not decided as of yet” she answers “Just love her, and time will fly.”
 She gives us well wishes and luck. She leaves the pram, which I take in, while Taylor holds Darcy in her arms.
We sit in the kitchen for awhile in silence while Taylor rocks Darcy back and forth a bit she looks so comfortable with a baby, must be because she's an aunty she knows about children. “Can you hold her?” she asks me after a while.
“I…I… I think so.” I say I hide my nervousness, she hands Darcy to me gently. Taylor walks out of the room. I look down at her Darcy, her eyes are closed, but she’s got a small smile on her little tiny face, do babies smile in their sleep?
“Darcy.” I say, “little baby Darcy.”
I keep looking down at her, rocking her a bit she’s so light, she seems so fragile, so small in my arms. I wonder if angels come in babies sizes. Cause to me she looks like an angel in babies clothing. Or maybe I’m just going a bit crazy.
Buzz, buzz
My phone buzzes on the bench, don’t wake up. I beg. Don’t cry. She rests peacefully as I reach for the phone. It’s Louis. Hows the bub Haz? He asks I wait for Taylor to get back so she can hold Darcy.  I message him back. She’s beautiful Louis, she’s amazing, and so like Taylor, that’s cheesey mate I know, she’s going to take my life by storm Lou, and I don’t just mean the bub. I text back.
The arrival of sweet baby Darcy,
Taylor and Harry didn’t really get to plan did they or talk?
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