Adopted By Haylor (Taylor Swift & Harry Styles) Bk1 #FanficEntry

A baby named Kira is eight days old, with a Mum who doesn’t want her, a dad who couldn’t be found, and a family that couldn’t care. Taylor Swift is a solo pop artist. Harry Styles is a member of world wide pop band One Direction. Taylor and Harry fell out of love, Kira needs a Mum, Kira needs a Dad. So their producers force Taylor and Harry back together. And hand them Kira. What happens when Taylor doesn’t love Harry, Harry doesn’t love Taylor? But they both want to help and love Kira! Adopted By Haylor, a nightmare? Or a blessing?


9. Check Up *Edited*

Taylor's POV:
It was time for Darcy’s check-up, she was checked when she was born, but she needed weekly or every second week check up’s and Harry and I were taking her for her first one together with us. Our car was fitted out with a baby capsule and everything. It was the first time Harry and I had taken her out, although she had gone in a car trip with Eleanor and Louis the other week. It was a beautiful sunny day, the sun was shining, the tress were fresh with wet rain from the previous evening and the birds chirped on a branch high up in a branch. I dressed Darcy in a pretty little pink dress, with matching booties and cute hat. She refused to leave without Peekyboo, so she was along for the ride as well. Harry drove, and I sat with Darcy in the back sit, to keep her calm and keep and eye on her.
“Darcy is a great girl.” I told Harry.
Harry’s eyes rested on the revision mirror and they stared right at me.
“I know.” he says in agreement, his eyes flicker back to the road. As my attention rests on Darcy to see her playing with the car mobile dangling from the window, she is so curious, and yet so young, she seems much older then she actually is.
At the clinic, the lady asked for our names.
 “Harry Styles.” he told her.
 “Taylor Swift.” I said.
“The baby?” she asked peering at Darcy in the capsule on the floor beside me.
“Darcy-Taylor Styles.” Harry replied.
“So she’s yours?” she asked and I’m not sure if she was asking Harry or me I was confused by the question, of course she was ours, but not in the way you'd think, she wasn't "our" child, or did she mean was it Harry's child was under "our" care well I thought she was in  "our" care and being adopted by us.
“No she’s ours” Harry told her, a sweet smile on his face. He seemed pleased to say ours. I never thought of her as ours. Darcy was our adopted daughter, I liked that.
“Okay Mr. Foster will be ready for you in a fifteen minutes” she told us both.
We took a seat on squishy red chairs. We looked at one another, and we both found ourselves looking at Darcy.
Darcy had brought this upon us, she brought us together, despite all the odds and even thought I try not to our words from the argument we had rings in my mind, I didn't really argue with the guys I dated even if the winded me up badly, but there was something about our break up about the whole situation that fired me up like never before, my close friends knew how I was, I wish I could talk to them, but right now I had to concentrate.
“I’m glad our managers did this.” I find myself telling Harry, despite the voice that speaks sense in my head yelling no.
“It’s a blessing.” He tells me agreeing immediately.

We get called in to Mr Fosters room.
“Hello Mr Foster.” Harry said politely.
“Hello Mr. Styles, and Miss Swift.” He smiled at us, I set the baby capsule on the ground, as Harry and I took a seat next to each other.
“Whom do we have here?” he asked looking at Darcy and me.
“This is Darcy-Taylor or Darcy-Taya I sometimes call her.” I answered him.
“Oh she’s a sweet little girl.” Mr Foster said and reached into hold her. He looked her right in the face, and Darcy looked right back, blue eyes wide and surprised.
The examination went well, “We will report this back to her case manager, if this was a test you'd get top marjs.” he said “But she’s a perfect little girl in great shape, you must be so happy to have the pleasure of looking after her, being her parents, she needs someone like you this baby has had a hard time in her life.”
Harry and I both nodded; we were starting to agree on more things. It felt good, we normally didn't do that.
When we went back home, Darcy had a rest for a bit, and I was so tired. I sat on the lounge and closed my eyes it was a time to just to relax. Harry sat next to me, his eyes closed as well.
“Do you really like me?” Harry asked, half asleep-half awake I opened my eyes and turned to him.
“Yes.” I told him “I like you.” I closed my eyes again and rested my head back a bit.
“Do you like me?” I whispered dreamily.
“I already like you, now I’m starting to love you.” he replied, to sleepy to say much more.
I just said, “hmmm, mmm, that’s nice.” I don't know if his words actually registered within. I fell straight to sleep from there.
I was awakened by a baby crying, I sat bolt upright and = yawned and got right up. Harry wasn’t by my side, I climbed the stairs gripping the handrail tightly, I felt like I could collapse.
I reached for Darcy in her cot, and rocked her. She didn’t stop. I showed her Peekaboo. Gave her a dummy, a rattle. Still crying.
Harry staggered into her room, hair sticking up, with sleepy eyes.
 “What’s going on?” he asked groggy, he blinked a few times, and I figured he was trying to adjust to being startled awake.
“She’s just crying” I said to him, and guess what she didn’t stop crying. After a while I handed her to Harry. Cause I couldn’t handle it I was going to snap and I didn’t want to snap in front of Darcy or Harry.
I walked out of the room and sighed, I put my hand on my head and tried calming breaths. It wasn’t helping I was exhausted, her crying was ringing in my ears and I was stressed out by the whole ordeal it was catching up with me everything.
Harry’s POV:
“Wahhh!” filled the room, I rocked her, I bounced her, I talked to her, I pulled faces, even let her pull my hair… I gave her a dummy. Nothing, would stop the noise.
“Wahhhh!” on and on and on. Taylor handed me a bottle of milk Darcy didn’t want it. She kept crying on and on, “wahh” it was echoing in the room, the house, my ears.
“Don’t babies run out of tears sometime?” I asked Taylor hopeful that they did.
Taylor snapped at me really snapped, the only other time she snapped and throw around words was when we agreed to break up.
“How would I know?” she throws her hands in the air, and marched out of the kitchen. She left me slightly shocked with her reaction, she had just fallen of the cliff mentally.
“Mummies angry” I told Darcy who didn’t care one bit and kept crying on and on.
I tilted my head back I was getting tired, too tired to stand, too tired to think about what to do next, I didn't know how make her stop. I rested Darcy on her cot, and crept out I couldn’t take it. That’s when Taylor really snapped she plummeted down that mental cliff and fall force.
“You can’t leave her.” she said, hands on hips, in front of me. Taylor seemed annoyed, frustrated and fierce.
“It's to much for me.” I say, in a tired whisper. Followed by a tired sigh.
“And its not enough for me?” She demanded “I’m so tired I could sleep for years!”
“And you think I can’t.” I retort at her.
“What would you know Harry? You’re a flirt, you're never going to settle down if someone chained you on a chair.” She said, from her that was a slap in the face, before I wouldn’t have cared, now I do, cause I cared about her more then she knew or understood or possibly cared to understand.
“And you.” I spat angrily I was throwing my words around like hot ask from a volcano, I had no self control. “You settle down, you're too busy breaking hearts to settle down, yea you might settle down, on a broken heart, so you can make some more of your boring pathetic music.”
Her hand flew to her mouth, crying filled the house, ringing in my ears, my comment hang in the air, a bad feeling came over the house, over me. I realized what I had just said, I tried de sparely to back track.
“I…I can’t believe you said that...” she said, her eyes brimmed with tears. She looked pale, ghostly white, she turned away.
“I’m sorry Taylor you took a swing at me.” I state, with a softer calmer, more alert tone. I knew it hadn’t been fair what I said.
She pushes past me and closes her bedroom door. All I can hear is crying was it Darcy's crying or was it Taylor's I couldn't tell, I can’t think straight, I need some fresh air, some space a chance to refresh myself.
I grab my mobile, and dash out of the house, not looking back twice.
A/N: Getting into the heart of sometime trouble, Haylor and Tarry don’t seem so sweet now do they? This little sweety Darcy is splitting them in two, no longer joining them together in one, will she ever stop crying?
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