You & I

I've known one of the most famous boys in the world since I was three. In 2010 he left for X-Factor and I moved to the United States after my parents divorced. One day I received a letter telling me to go back to the U.K. signed by the one and only Harry Styles. I haven't seen him in 4 years will he be the same Harry I knew then?

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Cover by: Maggi Styles


16. Chapter 8

How did this happen? One minute we're not talking now we're holding hands.

I looked at Harry, "Um, Harry."

Harry looked down at your fingers and let go. I heard someone giggle from upstairs.

"Sorry Sky." Harry blushed

I nodded and ran up the stairs to Gemma's room. She was sprawled across her bed while laughing like a maniac.

"You better hope neither of you get drunk tonight or shit will happen." Gemma laughed

I rolled my eyes, "Whatever, just give me something to wear please."

Gemma ended up giving me a tight black dress that stops just above mid thigh and matching black heels.

"Gemma I can barely walk. Are you sure you wanna give 4 inch heels to a girl who only wears Converse and Vans?"

"If I'm rocking 6 inches you should be fine."

I looked at Gemma. She was wearing an identical dress to mine but her's was red. With her matching red heels she looked almost a foot or two taller than her actual height.

"Can we go now? We've spent like 2 hours getting ready." I said

"Fine just let me put on lipstick." Gemma said opening a bright red tube

I sighed...then I sighed about 15 more times to get on Gemma's nerves.

"I don't know about other people but sighing like a depressed elder is freaking annoying."

I laughed, "So is waiting for your best friend to apply a million layers of lipstick."

"Fine. I'm ready."

"Thank you."


As we walked in the club we were surrounded by tons of drunk people taking body shots and dancing on each other. 

Gemma and the boys got lost in the crowd leaving just me and Harry. Great. We have officially gone from best friends who couldn't be separated and now I don't really want to be in his presence.

"Can you get me the strongest thing they have!" I yelled to Harry over the music and shouting people.

"Are you sure?" 

I rolled my eyes, "Yes I'm sure Harry."

He threw his hands up in defense and walked away.

I sighed and walked into the dancing crowd. I saw Gemma giggling and tripping over her own feet with a guy, drunk.

A few minutes later Harry came back with a drink for himself and a bright colored drink for me

"Here." Harry said handing me the drink


"Let's dance." Harry said

I sipped the drink and ignored the burning sting, then downed the rest.

What was in that drink?

I found my head spinning and I could barely stand up straight. I found Harry dancing surrounded by people and pulled him to a corner.

"What?" He said sitting next to me

"Harry." I giggled

"You're drunk Sky."

"So," I hiccuped, "Guess what?"


"I know you like me, I was with Gemma and you called and I heard you love me." I slurred

Harry's face turned pale as if he had seen a ghost, "W-what?"

I then pressed my lips against his and that was the last thing I remembered before I passed out in his arms.

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