You & I

I've known one of the most famous boys in the world since I was three. In 2010 he left for X-Factor and I moved to the United States after my parents divorced. One day I received a letter telling me to go back to the U.K. signed by the one and only Harry Styles. I haven't seen him in 4 years will he be the same Harry I knew then?

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Cover by: Maggi Styles


8. Chapter 4

As I if on cue all four boys stopped what they were doing and looked st me.

Harry cleared his throat, "Uh boys, this is Skyler. Skyler, the boys."

They all said hello and introduced themselves and went back to what they were doing. "Um, your driver, Edwin, said he dropped my bags off." I said, well, it sounded more like a question

"Right it's in your room." 

"Wow, my own room, I feel so special." I giggled

"You didn't pack a lot, you should go shopping with Anne and Gemma." Harry said showing me to me room

When Harry and I first became friends there was a point when Gemma didn't like me. Only because one day her little brother came home with a chunk oh hair missing. When she asked what had happened all Harry told her was that a girl named Skyler cut some of his hair and not the whole story. So when I came over for our first play date I got a lot of yelling. But then Harry told the whole story and now Gemma and I are best friends.

I rolled my eyes, "Still as nosy as ever I see."

"I'm not nosy, all you brought was a duffel bag and you're staying with me for 5 months...and I may or may not have gone through your stuff." He smiled showing off his adorable dimples.

"Fine I'll go shopping with Anne and Gemma tomorrow. Then, we can go out to lunch, how about Nand-" I started

"Shut up," Harry said covering my mouth. I heard footsteps near the door and Niall came in.

"You were discussing lunch and Nandos." He said

"Uh yeah," I shook my head "Were you guys listening to our conversation?" I smiled

"No, well me and Louis were but Zayn and Liam are still watching tv." Niall laughed

"Great first impression you two," Harry sighed "Lou?"

Louis walked in looking down, "Sorry."

"Boys." Harry whined

"It's okay." I assured them

"Well, um bye." Louis said grabbing Niall by the wrist and pulled him out the room.

"Wait, are we going to Nandos?'' Niall asked me.

I looked at Harry and he looked pissed, "Sure." I smiled

Harry clenched his jaw, he wanted to spend time with just me. I smirked and started unpacking.

"So, um I'm sorry about the boys." Harry laughed nervously. He sat on the floor and watched me unpack. 

"They're awesome. Like the four brothers I never had." I giggled

"Four," Harry mumbled "Then what does that make me.''

This would be that moment in a movie or ABC tv show when the girl would say, "The amazing boyfriend," or "The guy I love." and they would start making out. Is he flirting?

"The perfect and amazing best friend." I smiled putting all my shirts and pants into the drawer in the corner of the room.

Harry mumbled something, but all I could hear was, "more than friends."

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