You & I

I've known one of the most famous boys in the world since I was three. In 2010 he left for X-Factor and I moved to the United States after my parents divorced. One day I received a letter telling me to go back to the U.K. signed by the one and only Harry Styles. I haven't seen him in 4 years will he be the same Harry I knew then?

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Cover by: Maggi Styles


4. Chapter 2

"I'll miss you mom. Please don't do anything stupid." I said hugging her in the airport


"I'll try not to." She smiled I could hear her voice crack something we both shared when we were about to cry


The airport wasn't crowded but it felt like a million people were surrounding me. I haven't been to the U.K. since I was 16. And five months with a guy who has probably completely changed, who I haven't seen since I was 16 as well.


"Bye mom!" I waved as I walked into the gate. When I walked into the plane there were only about 20 people on it. "First class." I sighed. First time for everything, never had interest in sitting here but hey, I'm not complaining. I've got 10 hours to prepare myself to meeting Harry.


I had 10 minutes before my flight took off so I bought the boys' album, Midnight Memories and did some research on them.

"Holy crap. Since when did Harry get all these tats?" I mumbled


It turns out that in ten minutes I found out that Harry, to some people, is a man whore. Also he's only in the band to focus on his solo career.

"I don't believe any of this crap." I said slamming my MacBook

"Attention all passengers please turn off all electronic devices or put them on airplane mode."


I sighed. I pulled out my iPod and put on Midnight Memories. Wow, they're amazing. I felt myself drifting off and lost myself in the music.


• • •


"Ma'am?" I heard a voice "Ma'am? We've landed in London.


"Oh my God, I'm so sorry." I said gathering my bags.


"No problem." The flight attendance smiled "What brings you to London."


"Uhhh," what do I say, I'm meeting my best friend Harry Styles "I'm meeting an old friend. Well, bye."


I quickly walked out the plane. To be greeted by tons of people. Wow, from an empty BWI Airport in D.C. to a crowded London Heathrow.


I walked out of the airport and saw the normal gray sky and buildings tracing the horizon.


"Ms. Matthews?" I heard a man ask. I turned and saw a man wearing a top hat and a suit. "Are you Skylar Matthews?"


"Uh yes sir." I smiled shaking his hand. It was firm but he seemed very hesitant to shake it.


"May I please see your passport." He asked


"Um, may I ask why?"


"Mr. Styles asked me to drive you to Big Ben." He said




Soon I was in a black limo and in a few minutes I saw Big Ben and the car slowed down.


"We're here Ms.Matthews." The driver said about to get out of the limo, probably to open my door.




"Edwin, and I will be dropping your bags off at Mr.Styles house."


"Oh. Okay."


I hopped out of the car and sat at a bench for about 15 minutes before I heard someone say my name.


"Sky? Skyler?" A husky voiced asked


I looked up, "Harry!"









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