You & I

I've known one of the most famous boys in the world since I was three. In 2010 he left for X-Factor and I moved to the United States after my parents divorced. One day I received a letter telling me to go back to the U.K. signed by the one and only Harry Styles. I haven't seen him in 4 years will he be the same Harry I knew then?

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Cover by: Maggi Styles


19. Chapter 10

I quickly shot up from Harry's bed breathing heavily covered with my own sweat. I looked around and heard Harry singing in his shower. I let out a sigh of relief and stood up from the bed wiping the sweat off of my forehead.

"It was a dream." I muttered to myself as I was analyzing it happened in my mind

I looked down at myself and saw Gemma's dress still on covered with a million stains I couldn't recognize.

"You're up." Harry smiled snapping me out of my thoughts

"Yep." I said just above a whisper so that he could hear

"Are you okay you were talking in your sleep last night."

"I-uh can we talk...after you put clothes on." I said realizing that Harry only had a towel wrapped around his waist

"Um sure." Harry answered before I walked out of his room

I heard the other boys talking down in the living room so I ran down the stairs to see Liam and Niall eating sandwiches in the kitchen and Louis and Zayn playing video games on the couch.

"Hey Sky." The boys said in unison without looking up from what they were doing

"Can we talk about last night? What happened?"I asked sitting next to Louis

Louis smirked at me along with the rest of the boys, "Well we overheard that someone locked lips with Harry."

I rolled my eyes, "Yes I know. I kissed Harry."

"Oh. Well that's it." Niall answered with a mouthful of sandwich in his mouth

"Did...I don't know...anyone get shot last night?"

All the boys turned to me and Liam raised an eyebrow at me, "What?"

"Did you take drugs last night?" Zayn asked me still staring at the TV

"Why would you ask that?" Louis asked

I pursed my lips debating whether or not to tell the boys, "I was just asking. I mean we went to a pretty shady looking club last night. I went to a club and someone got shot once. Just asking a question." I sighed standing up to see if Harry was done

"Um, alright?" Niall answered as I ran back up the stairs to Harry's room

I knocked on the door and it quickly swung open to reveal Harry with slightly wet hair, a white t-shirt, and a pair of denim jeans.

"Hey." He said opening the door so I could come in

"We need to talk. And I'm gonna be straight forward." I said walking past Harry and sitting on his bed


I sighed as Harry sat next to me, "Okay, well last night at the club I kissed you and I know this because I had a dream where Gemma told me and I got so pisses cause you didn't tell me but I do like you so I wasn't that pisses and then you kinda got shot." I said quickly before realizing what just came out of my mouth

Harry's eyes widen and then he began to smirk, "What?"

"Yes you heard me. Let's not be cliche please. I said I liked you."

"I don't know what to say." Harry smiled

I didn't say anything just looked into his eyes. Before I knew it I felt myself inching closer to him and he was doing the same. Before we were lip to lip I turned my face so Harry kissed my cheek.

I laughed as he cleared his throat and blushed, "Hey, you promised me a movie lets go."

"Oh um okay."

I smiled as I inched closer to him and whispered in his hear, "As a date."

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