Being in foster care isn't easy and when Amanda, a drug addict and cutter teen who has a thrill for rebellion is kicked out of her house it only seems to get worse. But, things finally seem to turn around when she finds out her biological father is the lead singer of a famous band, she meets some pretty awesome people, and may even get into some pretty bad situations. . . . .


1. This is where it starts.


                                                         * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


I awoke on a hard surface that I couldn’t quite remember the name of. That proves that I am drunk as fuck. My guess, I came here with my friend Jordon. All I remember is that I need to go to my friend Dakotas so when my foster mother Alyssa picks me up she won’t figure out that I am a drunken head, bitch. I walk around this beautiful trashed house looking for a 6 foot tall 18 year old that looks like he spent his vacation in Scotland bars. I found him on a bed with 7 others gay guys that are our best friends.  I give them all I quick slap on the face. They are all too drunk to try to fight with me. So when I get to Jordon I five star him on the bare back. I am pretty sure he had sex with them but was too drunk to realize. But he is definitely straight. He had three girlfriends before last month. He is such a player but soooo good looking.

“WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING AMANDA?”                                                                                                                          

 I shrugged, “Waking you up.”

 His face got red as he looked around, “WHY AM I NAKED IN A BED WITH THESE AWESOME SEX GIVERS?!”

 I groaned, “Shut up and take me to Dakotas.”

“WHY?” I looked at him like he was the stupidest person in the world, I mean he is drunk and not exactly all that smart sober, but still.

“Ummm Alyssa will kill me if she picks me up from here.” He nodded in realization, “Fine.”


About 30 minutes later I am at Dakotas and had a shower and dried. She lives with some others girls. She is 19 and I am 16 but all my friends are older. What can I say? I can’t stand the normal teenager life. About an hour later I checked the clock and it was 2:00 Alyssa said she would pick me up around 12:00. Its either she forgot or died. My guess that is she died. I try to call her. She picks up and starts yelling.


 My breath got caught in my throat as I looked down shocked, “How did you know?!’

 Her voice was getting louder and I felt like moving the phone away from my ear before I went deaf, “YOUR SISTER FOUND VINES WITH YOU ADMITING THAT YOU ARE ALWAYS GETTING HIGH AS… I CANT SAY IT HOW DARE YOU DISOBEY MY RULES?!”

 I smirked, “Not the hard, oh and who posted the vine?”


 I shrugged it off, giving her my hard front. But damn was I scared, “Fine. Goodbye you fucking bitch.”


                                                     * * * *

"So I cursed her out” I had just finished telling Dakota everything. She began laughing but stopped looking concerned, “So where are you going to do? You can stay with us.”

 I looked down and began picking at the red lettering on my black muscle tank that said, ‘Eat Your Heart Out’  

 “No, no don’t worry. I am calling foster care and seeing if they can help me get in-touch with my biological Father.”

 She looked a bit sad, “Well ok.”

 I looked up from playing with my shirt, “Dakota?”


“In the meantime could you try to find that vine?”

She gave a light laugh, “Sure I have nothing to do anyway.”


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

 Next thing I knew I am on the phone with foster care and they found my birth father. They said my mom and him had me. Well, made me when they were young. My birth mother died about a month ago, and I don’t have my other family.

 When foster care told me who my father was I dropped my phone onto the floor as Dakota looked at me shocked waving her hand in-front of my face, “Amanda, hello?” I shook my head and looked at her.

“Yes?” She looked at me as if she had just asked me a question.

 “Oh I just a found out who my father is.” She looked happy, “Great! Who is he?” I turned to her smiling, “He is the lead singer of Nickleback.”


“Yes Dakota.” I nodded laughing, completely shocked.

“HOLY MOTHER FUCKING SHIT SWEET BABY JESUS.” I took the phone back to my ear after remembering foster care was still on the line, “I am sorry, do you have any other important information for me?” “Yes, your father agreed to pick you up anywhere. Do you know where he should pick you up?”

I smiled, “Ok I will tell you where soon as I know.”





Authors Note, Just so you guys know this is not my story. My friend wanted to post this but knew she couldn't get an account due to her parents. I am still only working on, "Why The Blood?" The only thing I am doing with "Changes" is helping my friend with grammar and punctuation a bit, but I am trying my best to keep it as she wrote it, enjoy guys!!

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