She tought me to love

After Liam's girlfriend does in a car crash he says he can never love again will the new girl sophy make him open up or damage him even more?


2. meeting her?

Liam wake up don't want to be late for you're first day of you're senior year.ugh I got ready ate and left. I walked to friends waiting. Louis stop touching my hair.but hawwy!!! Shut up.zayn don't be mean.hey Niall hey Liam they all chorused.check out the new bird whispered Harry to Louis. Um scuse me she said running up her SnapBack falling off.ugh not again. Will someone show me oh wait how rude I haven't introduced myself I'm Cassandra call me Cassey.well they were busy drooling I said hey I'm Liam.those drooling idiots are Niall Zayn Louis and Harry. Well hey now room 3? Anyone...? I got it I said ugh they groaned

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