She tought me to love

After Liam's girlfriend does in a car crash he says he can never love again will the new girl sophy make him open up or damage him even more?


1. beginning

Liam?said my gf Haley👫💏💑yea?i said absentmindly watch out!!!!!! Next thing I know a big semi was in the front I was fine Haley was laying across my lap metal through her stomach.i called 911 minutes later an ambulance was there we rode together

At hospital💊💉

Mr.payne ugh shush Haley it's early. MR.PAYNE oh sorry nurse.youre gf is on life support come say good bye. I followed the nurse crying at the nurse? Yes can she hear me? Yes clearly. Um hi hi Haley I have to say bye don't worry I'll see you in heaven soon I love you. They quickly took her of she uttered bye love you and move on.time of death 5:13am I promise I'll never move on or fall in love.💔

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