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7. Poem #7

I Met An Angel

 I met a guy who made me believe

That love isn't just some sick, twisted dream.

I met a guy who called me beautiful,

And for once in my life,

I believed it was true.

I met a guy who made me feel alive-

Every word, every tease felt like a dream.

I met a guy who walked down a road

Lit by nothing except the dull light in his eye.

He walked down that street,

His hands in his pockets,

And he made friends with someone who made him believe nonsense.

The words he whispered to that poor, sweet guy

Were lies disguised as truth,

And nineteen fiery suns.

That innocent boy soon made friends with another,

A knot so tight that would pull him under.

The knot made its mark on that poor boy's neck and heart,

And freed him of his soul that fell into the dark.

The boy hasn't talked,

Or even felt since then,

Because he took his final breath as he reached the end.

That day I met an angel,

Happy and braced;

That poor little angel

Lost all of his grace.

Now he's far above me,

In another pleasant nightmare,

And he's left me down here,

In hell,

As I wish that I was there.


July 2, 2014

A/N: Guys, this legit just happened to someone I know and truly love as a brother. This wasn't just some words that I threw together for obvious reasons. And I was listening to Amnesia (5SOS), and that surely didn't help. I'm gonna fucking miss him.

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