5sos Preferneces

Just some Preferneces and imagines about your favorite 5sos boys.


2. Good-Bye-All


You slid down the door. You can feel Luke do the same on the other side. You hear his head hit the door. You slowly stand up and walk away from the door. You sit down on your couch and look out your huge condo window. A sigh escapes your lips and your hands run through your hair. You lay down on your couch. The front door swings open and loud footsteps follow.

"Y/N!?" It's Luke. You shoot up and look straight into his eyes. They're all puffy and red. You look at his hands and see his suitcase still in one if his hands.

"Luke.....?" You bolt up. He looks down at his feet.

"I didn't say good-bye." He mumbles. You look at him confused.

"What?" He sighs and looks straight into your eyes. He rolls his head around in a circle and rubs the back of his neck.

"I didn't say good-bye." You slowly walk up to him. He looks back down at his feet.

"Oh Luke...." You put your hand on his cheek and a tear touches your finger. He takes your hand off of his face and intertwines his hand in yours.

You smile at him and he looks into your eyes. His eyes tell you something, something you've never seen before. You become concerned.

"Luke.....don't be upset. Look, it's only two months. It's not like we..." You pause at the voice crack that came along with the word we. You haven't actually thought about how much you were gonna miss Luke. Yes you loved him and everything but that wasn't the point. The point was that you told yourself since the day he came home that it would only be two months. That two months goes by with a blink of an eye.

"Hey...." He lifts your chin up. "It's not okay if you cry." He wipes a tear off with his thumb.


"No buts. Like you always say...it'll go by in a blink of an eye." You nod at him. You wrap your arms around his chest and his chin comes to a rest on your head. He strokes your hair and picks you up. He places you down softly onto your bed and kisses you on the head. He starts to walk out. Before he could you called out to him.

"Stay...just stay until I fall asleep. Then you can leave." He nods and goes to cuddle with you.


"No....." You say as you hear Calum's flight number being called. His grip around you slowly tightens as the lady says it on the loudspeakers for everyone to hear. You dig your head into his chest, breathing him in as much as you possible could.

"Look, it'll be okay. It's only 6 months." He says while you both stand up.

"Calum that's half a year!" You scream throwing your hands up in the air. He sighs. You know it hard

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