Sorry just isnt enough



I do admit defeat,

I know that I am wrong,

I can't remember the days that past,

Being trying to make it up so long.

Now I know you probably hate me,

And don't deny cause I know it's true,

No matter if you forgive me,

It won't be the same between me and you.

I wish it never happened,

But that's my stupid mind,

I should've known better,

Then this would've been behind.

I'd rather have you near me,

So I could tell you so,

Everything I promise,

I'm going to improve I know!

So please give me one more chance,

It about the thousand try,

I know I can make it better,

This time I do not lie.

If this stays in the past,

And we can move on,

It will help with the process,

Of me improving all along.

I need to start a fresh,

A brand new story page,

So please let us open the next chapter,

Without the hurt or rage.

We can give it another shot,

One last final try,

You need to trust me Babe

To this please don't shy.

So will you take my offer?,

Move on from my stupid mess,

My lies and all my errors,

It's my fault, I finally confess.

So please take me into your arms,

together we can cry,

forget about this horrible time,

And give our relationship one last try?

I don't want to lose you.

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