My Baby, Jake Foushee

A girl named Jennifer Anderson and she has this BIG crush on Jake Foushee, but he doesn't even know who she is, and they go to the same school, they ride the same bus, they live in the same neighborhood, and have the same teachers. Will Jake Foushee ever realize that Jennifer exists??


5. My Baby, Jake Foushee

I was still in pain, but I was glad that Jake was still there. After he and Laila had argued, he came and sat next to me and asked, "Are you okay". From the tone of his voice i could tell that he was worried but mad at the same time. But I didn't say anything.I was too hurt to. Laila just walked away and laughing. Jake asked me again was i okay. Then I said "No. My side is killing me." Then Jake lifted up my shirt and said, "Oh my GOSH!! Did she have a knife with her or something? You're bleeding like crazy! We have to take you to the ER!!" Then all of a sudden, he lifted me off of the ground, in his arms and said, "You'll be alright , my baby. I'm going to get you the help that you need." That made me feel a little bit better. I'm his baby. And he is mine.


After that incident, Jake literately SPOILED me. He was always asking me, " Do you need anything?" or "Are you okay?" I loved it!!! He was always by my side. All ways checking up on me. That's why he is my baby.

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