My Baby, Jake Foushee

A girl named Jennifer Anderson and she has this BIG crush on Jake Foushee, but he doesn't even know who she is, and they go to the same school, they ride the same bus, they live in the same neighborhood, and have the same teachers. Will Jake Foushee ever realize that Jennifer exists??


1. Meet the Unknown

Ello. My name is Jennifer Anderson. I am 16 years old. My birthday is September 15th, 1998. I am from London, England. I have no siblings and no father. I only stay with my mother. I'm in 10th grade and my homeroom teacher is Mrs.Lee.I go to Doughnut High School. I have a big secret. I love Jake Foushee. Ever since I was in 3rd grade, I have always liked him.  He is the CUTEST guy I have ever seen. But there is one problem. He doesn't even know who i am! I wish I was like Laila Brown. She is the popular girl in our school, and she is the meanest girl in the school too. She is such a bully. Laila also (tries to) flirt with Jake Foushee, and she knows that i have a crush on him. All I wish is that he would know me.


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