My Baby, Jake Foushee

A girl named Jennifer Anderson and she has this BIG crush on Jake Foushee, but he doesn't even know who she is, and they go to the same school, they ride the same bus, they live in the same neighborhood, and have the same teachers. Will Jake Foushee ever realize that Jennifer exists??


3. I Get The Question I Have Always Wanted To Hear

Today is May 1st. Jake's birthday. In class, everyone sang 'Happy Birthday' to him. Everyone got him a gift. Except for Laila. "He doesn't deserve a gift." she said to her little gang. I know why she didn't give him a gift, she is just mad that he didn't help her and worry about her. HA HA!! I got him a iTunes credit card, Starbucks credit card, and a CD that had random music. (Lol)


Once the little party was over, we all went to lunch. "Hey Jennifer, umm thanks for the gift." Jake said as he rushed to follow me to my lunch table. "Oh. Your welcome." I said with my mouth full of fried chicken. Then he sat down next to me. "Look I know that I have NEVER talked to you before, but I have to confess something." "Well what is it?" I said, my face turning red like a cherry. "Ever since you came to Doughnut High School, I have always watched you and studied you. I have always admired you. Your pretty black hair, your wonderful black eyes, and your great personality. I have always wanted to ask you this question, but do you want to be my bae?" When he said that I think I shrieked because everyone looked dead over towards my direction. "That would be my favorite birthday gift ever." he said, making me feel more happy and bubbly, but nervous at the same time. He was smiling and blushing. "Yes, I would like to be your bae." I had said.    

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