My Baby, Jake Foushee

A girl named Jennifer Anderson and she has this BIG crush on Jake Foushee, but he doesn't even know who she is, and they go to the same school, they ride the same bus, they live in the same neighborhood, and have the same teachers. Will Jake Foushee ever realize that Jennifer exists??


4. Bullying Can Become Out Of Hand

Oh my gosh! Everyone in the whole school knows that me and my baby (Jake Foushee) are dating. Even Laila knows. She has been eyeballing me all  day!! And now Jake Foushee is always by my side!! It is so adorable!! I love him so much! Everyday at 3:15 p.m. (right after school is out) we go out and eat ice cream or go to the movies, and he always pay for everything, and his parents are so nice. My parents seem to like him too. But today was A LOT  different. Whenever I got out of school to go to me and Jake's meeting spot, Laila and her friends were there instead. "Well well well. Isn't it Miss 'I think that I'm all that since I'm dating Jake Foushee.' You have a lot of nerves saying 'Yes' to him." Laila said to me with an evil look on her face. "What are you doing here? I'm supposed to meet my baby, Jake Foushee here." "We know that's why we are here." Laila said with an evil smile. Then she snapped her fingers. I didn't know why, but then all of a sudden, her friends made a wall/ circle around me. Laila and I were in the middle. "What are you -" before I could finish my sentence I had gotten punched in the stomach, then kicked and pushed to the hard concrete ground. By the witch, Laila. I tried to get up but Laila kept punching me and pushing me to the ground. Once I finally got up, I pushed Laila and kicked her on her legs and bitched slapped her in her face. Then I tripped her and kicked her on her side. "WHY YOU LITTLE NO GOOD SON OF A BITCH!!" she yelled. Then all of her friends joined in and I was getting kicked, punched, scratched, slapped,and pushed. All I could do was try, but I was no match for 8 girls. Then all of a sudden I heard a voice. That voice sounded familiar, but I was hurt real bad to lift up my head. "What the hell?!?" Then I remembered. That voice was Jake's voice. And he didn't seem to happy either.

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