My Guardian

A beautiful story for those who have little time to read an extensive piece of text.
An un-named girl is left orphaned following a shipwreck, she is distraught however her faith guides her through the tough times that she eventually faces.


1. My Guardian.

I awoke sweating and shivering. A silver bearded man in flowing blue robes crouched over my bed, the golden yellow flame of a nearby candle was glinting in his hazel eyes. As my heart slowly settled, he whispered gently.

''Come child. Do not be scared, you are safe. The Order of St Harris' will take care of you now. Sleep, Child.''

I found it so difficult to sleep during those first days.

My family were sailing up North into Nordic waters with dreams of a new life, a fresh start away from all our old troubles. Unfortunately, we ended up facing the chilling, frost tipped northern seas that sundered any hopes that we had, along with the hopes of hundreds of other souls. The memories I had were always so clear, but so vivid. Every time I tried to close my eyes, there they were. Waiting.

It feels like so long ago now, but I can still recall the creak of the aching hull of our ship - The lady Nemesis. As our captain raced her through the jagged, furious seas toward the safe haven of Nordia. I feel my heart ache as I remember how I desperately clung to my mother, my body trembling in her warm, comforting embrace.

I remember how the glimmer of land cheered the weary passengers and lifted their spirits. However, it wasn't long before there came a thunderous crash. Thrown from my mothers arms, I scrambled, groggily to my feet. For the briefest of moments, it became calm - Then, there came a second.. more devastating crash. Splintered wood, darkness and screams flashed before me. Even as a child, I had known what death looked like, I silently waited for it to take me away.

Only three people were washed ashore with the shattered tinder that was once that was once the proud and majestic 'Lady Nemesis'. To my despair, my mother and father were not amongst them.

I was suddenly alone. My entire world was now confined within the thick, foreboding walls of the St Harris' orphanage.

As the days turned into long weeks, I spent most of my time curled up in the foetal position in dark, damp corners. Crying out for my parents. The other children ignored me - I quickly learned that I was not the only child with painful, heart-wrenching memories. How selfish I was for thinking so.

I had been in the orphanage for about one month, by that time. I spent each day by the bookshelf, this was the only place I could be alone as the other children of the orphanage had no interest in books. On the other hand, I adored them. Each day I would venture downstairs to my spot before picking a suitable book to read. Some days I would go on adventures and read about how pink flamingos patrolled the land of Afriasis. On other days, I would solve crimes as a detective on the shifty streets of London.

By the bookcase was where I first met him. He looked sick. Je was pail with dark, greasy hair that hid his eyes. We were very similar, me and him. The other children in the orphanage ignored him, just as the ignored me, I was a scrawny, pale girl - He was a scrawny, pale boy.

We found ourselves meeting daily, he even shared the bed next to mine that had always been empty. We always sat around the open fire in the corner by the bookcase laughing with each other, we went everywhere together and I could tell him anything.

He became my one and only friend, at first he seemed helpful, encouraging. He told me to never forget my parents, but that life has to go on. For a while, I believed that I had found a true protector. For a while, we were best friends. I no longer felt alone in the world, the nightmares that hung over me soon disappeared.

Whenever I was with him, people would look at me in a very strange way. I felt everyone's eyes on us as we lined up in the dinner hall, he never ate though.. he always said he wasn't hungry and that he had a medical condition which meant that he didn't need to eat. Of course, I was oblivious and gullible at the age of 8, I believed his every word.

Eventually, they moved my bed away from all of the others, I could no longer sleep next to him and feel safe, we still met but less frequently. It eventually got to the point that he would only meet me if I was upset, and as I grew older.. I toughened up and no longer needed him.

I realised, he was not only my best friend and my protector.

He was my guardian Angel.

And he still is, to date.

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