If Zayn Malik was our teacher...

This story is about a Senior high school girl who fell in love with her new teacher who is two years older than her, Zayn Malik. ❤ ��


2. Chapter 2

School bell ring*

"Okay this our homeroom right?". Said Erica. We walked down the hallway together by a bunch a teenagers. We waited in our room for our teacher to arrive from the office or something. The door opened it was the principle Malloy with a guy. "Good morning students". Said Principle Malloy. "I would like you to meet your new teacher, Mr. Malik." Said the principle. Everyone look at him silence* . Hi my name is Mr. Malik and this my first time teaching and I am 20 yrs old. I will be teaching science class. "Whoah our teacher is so cute." Whisper Erica to me. I was staring at home all the time*. "huh " I said as Erica wave her hand to my face to get her attention. I blushed as Mr. Malik look at me too.

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