If Zayn Malik was our teacher...

This story is about a Senior high school girl who fell in love with her new teacher who is two years older than her, Zayn Malik. ❤ ��


1. Chapter 1

Chapter 1


"Eva Marie !"Wake up breakfast is ready,mom called. "Coming mom!"As I rolled down and turn off the alarm. I get dressed with my batman long sleeve, blue skinny pants and wear my converse shoes. Then brush my teeth and I dried my hair and brush into a pony tail. I wear just my mascara cause I like don't like to wear a lot of makeup. I went down stairs and eat my toast and smoothie. "Okay mom I have to go to school or I'll be late." I said. Okay honey be careful and have fun at your first day of school." Said mom. I grab my backpack from my chair and left the house. I went to walk with my friend Erica to school together. "Omg I can't wait to go to high school cause I miss my other friends Eva !" Said Erica . "Me too Erica, and we're gonna be at the same class and we have same schedule too." I said.

****Finally we made it to high school.

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