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My first book that will be and anime show but it isnt.....let just pretend it is a anime makings the book more realist


8. Episode 5

*Tei coldly stares at Momo as she is relaxing*

"Can you please stop staring at me" Momo said looking at Tei.

*intro* *Title*

To make a mistake, the universe is ending

Always passing through the green light,

Flying through,

Stopping yet again,

And almost flying again

Connect to the heart,

Fell in love with an ancient,

Collects delusions,

An ancient romance

Haa... Dance to a dream

The moon's light,

I was enveloped by it,

The reverberating sound, *tei pic*

Drunk down by my body

Things feared, to the point of not fearing them anymore, *Teto pic*

The dazzling light, that is going after the heart *Rook pic*

The world is going around and around

Trying to think, and stopping, *miko pic*

Aiming pass the red traffic light,

Wanting to run away, and slipping

Almost ran away again *ritsu pic*

Open the next,

Communicating with aliens through Skype *Ruko pic*

Selects delusion,

A nonsensical romance *momo and Defoko pic*

Haa... Sleeping in the night *all of them pic*

*end of intro*

Episode 5: The cold stare........

Tei has been staring at Momo for more then 2 hours and her eyes aren't blinking....

"Tei stop" Momo said walking faster.

Momo closed her door and Tei stared at the door. Her eyes changed and she smiled and waited.

Hours later....

Momo got out her room and screamed.

"Tei Sukone why the hell do you keep watching me" Momo said angrily to Tei.

Tei kept the smile but her eyes changed.

"Please tell me that you won't date or be with Mikuo" Tei said taking out her pinkie.

"Pinkie promise" Momo said putting out hers.

They both but their pinkies together and they promised but one day it will break......... Will it?

At Ritsu's room

"Rook tell me would you leave me?" Ritsu said to rook.

"Never Ritsu I love you like a brother" rook said putting his arm on Ritsu's head.

"I just feel alone" Ritsu said frowning.

"Don't" Rook said smiling.

"One question" Ritsu said looking at Rook.

Rook nodded.

"Get out my room I need to change" Ritsu said.

Rook walked out. Ritsu look in his closet he grabbed a purple crop top and a skirt in the color of purple and black he grabbed same color shoes and his piano appeared around his waist.

"Done" he said smiling to himself.


At the end when we mix together

At the end when we mix together

I wander with feelings and shout

I prepare an answer by avoiding

... saying "No way"

... saying "No way" (like that)

... saying "No way" (like that)

That's why... *ritsu sitting in the bed*

In the flow of time

It seems that I can't go against it

So I naturally live...

I cry, I die...

That's how it flows

It flows, it flows

It flows and it flows *tei laughing*

Burying future intersects with the past

Burying future intersects with the past

My scared voice draws the present

With pressure, I hid something

That is

That is (weak)

That is (weak)

(It's me) The love *teto throwing a stick*

And so...

In the flow of time

It seems that we can't go against it...

We cowards

Are lost and crying...

That's how it flows

It flows, it flows

It flows, and is alive

So... *Rook as a dog running after it*

*all of the characters*

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